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Bone Rating & Perfume Review Guide

The following outlines The Scented Hound’s Bone Rating system (note that the ratings are based solely on my own opinion):

dogbones5 Bones:  Extraordinary; a “must have” full bottle fragrance for the collection.

4 Bones:  A wonderful fragrance that may end up in the collection; could be a full bottle or a split.

3 Bones:  A nice fragrance, but nothing that I would run out and buy.

2 Bones:  I didn’t like it and may have loathed it.  It also may be a scrubbable fragrance to me, but I could see how others might like it.

1 Bone:  How could anyone ever love a fragrance like this?  Bury this bone.

5 Bone Reviews:

4.5 Bone Reviews:

4 Bone Reviews:

3.5 Bone Reviews:

3 Bone Reviews:

2.5 Bone Reviews:

2 Bone Reviews:

1 Bone Reviews:

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