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New Releases: Constance & Quentin by Deco London Perfumes


Deco London Perfumes


WHAT I SMELL:  Constance opens with the most inviting deep mandarin floral combination; it’s gorgeous, big, beautiful and rather buttery…and it’s thick and juicy and completely rapturous…oh, I could keep on going!   In a short time, the thick sheen of juice soon begins to thin and soften and the rather fruity opening moves to a light spice with jasmine at the heart.    Constance remains incredibly pretty, but the big, and bold moves towards the more mysterious and exotic.   Vanilla sets the tone moving forward, but with a light hand.  The perfume is so incredibly warm and inviting and it feels as if it pulses off the skin as if it were an extension of one’s being.  Additionally, a bit of labdanum adds just the right amount of amber like dimension keeping the vanilla in check.  In the end, Constance is this intoxicating warm and exotic floral that’s spiced, lightly powdered and incensed.  Constance is a head turner and absolutely beautiful.

Mata HariFrom the Deco London website:

…perfect for those who love fruity and spicy scents, jasmine, luxury woods and vanilla…

The year is 1927…Constance is vivacious, passionate and chic; effortlessly elegant in tailored blouses and trousers during the day, but at night she is the centre of attention in an Egyptian-inspired beaded dress, red lipstick and daring high heels …

Top – Bergamot, Mandarin Blossom, Mimosa

Middle – Raspberry Blossom, Rose, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Patchouli

Base – Sandalwood, Labdanum, Vanilla, Beeswax, Musk

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  A woman of mystery…Mata Hari.

THREE ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE CONSTANCE:  intoxicating, rapturous, temptress (OK, so that’s a noun)

  • Bone Rating:  4.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Oriental Woody
  • Nose: Robertet
  • Classification: Feminine, but I could see a man wearing this as well.
  • Expense: $120 for 50ml eau de parfum.  Exclusively sold in the US by Indigo Perfumery.


WHAT I SMELL: Quentin opens with a rather funky herbal tarragon and a cinnamon that mixed together is bold and smells a little off.  This initial funk makes me wonder what kind of ride I’m in for.  Soon enough, the herbal discordant opening starts to even out the rough edges and the mixture moves from the funkified to a more flattened woodiness and light leather.  At this stage, the perfume is really dry and the leather is front and center and a woody vetiver takes its place next to it.  In addition, a patchouli adds just a light sweetness to the perfume, but it chooses to stay in the background.  For some time, there’s a noticeable petroleum smell, as if the leather was cured in oil and grease.  But as the perfume develops, that starts to dissipate and a floral warmth takes its place.  On paper, this smelled a great deal to me like Miss Dior.  On my skin however, I am thinking not so much…that is until around 30 minutes into the wear.  And that’s a good thing.  Miss Dior rocks my world and it is about as masculine of a woman’s perfume as there is.  As the perfume continues to develop, it becomes less Miss Dior and ends up in this petroleum fueled leather spiced musk.   Quentin is a traditional scent fortified with just the right amount of daring.

From the Deco London website:

…perfect for those who love assertive elegant woody scents, leather notes and musk…

The year is 1925… Quentin is charming, stylish and impeccably attired and is always impeccably attired in flamboyant style. You will often find him relaxing by day at the cricket drinking a fine Sauvignon blanc and at parties by night sipping champagne…

Top notes: Bergamot, Cinnamon Bark, Tarragon

Heart notes: Carnation, Geranium, Patchouli

Base notes: Moss, Leather, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Musk

red-baron-Richtofe_3103687kWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  The original Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen.

THREE ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE QUENTIN: bold, self-assured, headstrong

  • Bone Rating:  3.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Woody Spicy
  • Classification: Masculine
    • Expense: $120 for 50ml eau de parfum.  Exclusively sold in the US by Indigo Perfumery.


BOTTOM LINE:  The Deco London line beautifully captures the essence of traditional perfumery, but with a modern sensibility.  As you can see, Constance is my favorite in the line, but the feminine floral essence of Millicent comes in a close second.  For the men, Quentin has that modern edge that makes it unique, but Ernest is an incredible old school classic perfume.  What a great start for a new perfume house.  Welcome Deco London, you’ve made quite the splash!

Samples courtesy of Indigo Perfumery.

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7 thoughts on “New Releases: Constance & Quentin by Deco London Perfumes

  1. Good morning, I’m definitely sampling Constance. If you gave it 4.5 bones it must be good! And it ‘s just the type of fragrance I like. Normally I don’t like new British perfumers. Hate 4160 Tuesdays, icky synthetic messes and Boadicea, no words for those scent bombs, but this i think I will like!


    • Ricky…I really had not expectations, but the fact that Constance is about as rich and bountiful as it is was a complete surprise. I’ve never smelled a 4160 Tuesday perfume so I can’t say how this compares. As for other British perfumers, Roja Dove is one of my favorite perfumers!


  2. Now this is the line I’ve been thinking about sampling last 2 weeks. Constance definitely caught my attention. I’m also interested in Millicent just because it was the name of my mother-in-law who passed away years ago. I was looking at her photos the other day and feeling rather nostalgic…


  3. When I first saw “Constance”, I thought either you started to write about bags or it’s a new Hermes perfume. You see, I had been LUSTING (there are no other words to describe it) over a Constance in black calfskin with gold or silver hardware (I’m not picky, I just WANT.THE.BAG). Anyway, this perfume Constance sounds really wonderful and I can’t wait to try it.


    • LOL. I wouldn’t know the first thing about a purse or a handbag, except that if I ever had one I probably would lose it on the first day. So sorry I can’t help you with your desire…but sending you good thoughts to make it happen for you! xoxoxox


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