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Best NYC Fragrance Stores, Where to Find Perfume in New York City – via Time Out

Perfume Shopping Around the World – via Undina’s Looking Glass (compilation of resources from other blogs and sites)

Best Niche Perfume Sample Sets and Discovery Program – via Dear Scent Diary

Perfumed Travel 2021:  Beauty Destinations from the New York Times Style Magazine


Making Perfume Samples and Decants (In Pictures) – via Bois de Jasmin

How to Open a Stuck Perfume Bottle – via Perfume Shrine

Know How – Decant, Labeling, Packing and Shipping – via Undina’s Looking Glass

A Scented Hound Tip – Perfumed Magazine Ads & Inserts


Career in Fragrance:  Where to Start – via Bois de Jasmin

Myth Busting – What Fragrance Concentration Really Means – via Perfume Shrine

CHEMISTRY (Primarily from Chemist in the Bottle):

3 thoughts on “Resources

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  2. Great idea Steve. I’ll be sure to pass any useful links your way. I’m always hoping to find useful advice on ‘how to prevent blind buying sprees!’


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