The Scented Hound

Abbreviated perfume & fragrance reviews from one man's perspective

About the Scented Hound

Just an ordinary guy with the nose of a beagle.  An obsession of all things scented has led me to create this fragrance/perfume blog.  Perfume is not my profession but is a hobby, as such I provide my insights from a layman’s point of view. To me, scents and smells are very visual.  In addition, I find that perfume is less about the notes and composition as it is about the way it makes me feel.

When reviewing perfumes, especially in the niche arena, I know how difficult it can be to launch and sustain a small brand. Therefore, I try to stay away from negative reviews. If a perfume doesn’t work for me, I just don’t write about it.

The bottom line is that I love fragrance and having a blog justifies my indulgent interest in the industry.  For more information about The Scented Hound or if you would like to contact me, you can reach me via email at

For more about the header on this page, click here.

Let’s start sniffing!

One thought on “About the Scented Hound

  1. Hi Steve! Just a message to let you know that I’ve nominated your blog for a Real Neat Blog Award. 🙂 You can read about the award here.
    This is just a little shout out to say I love your blog!

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