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Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain


SDVWHAT I SMELL:  The first spritz is oh so boozy, but where’s the vanilla?  There’s some spice and it’s almost herb like….oh wait, after a few minutes you can start to smell the vanilla along with a very weighted and buttery incense.  I’m not a huge fan of incense, but this is different as it’s almost like a warmed blanket of smoked spice.  As it develops there’s a point where this smells almost like hot buttered rum.  After some time the booziness retreats and out comes some cedar and it becomes a bit more woody. Based on the name, one would expect that all you would get would be vanilla.  You know it’s there, but combined with the other notes you never feel like you are drowning in vanilla.  The smell is intoxicating and sensual and very grown up.  Double Vanille develops over a long period of time and it’s a great ride. FinallyAfter many, many hours, you’re left with a comforting light honeyed vanilla.

Spiritueuse Double Vanille notes:  Top notes are pink pepper, bergamot and incense; middle notes are ylang-ylang, cedar, bulgarian rose and jasmine; base notes are benzoin and vanilla.

sophisticated-man-with-pipeWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Effortless confidence and sophistication.



BOTTOM LINE:  At first, SDV is weighted, bold and is a fragrance that will fill your lungs with a heavy and moist concentration.  As time goes on, it mellows beautifully and for a vanilla fragrance it never gets very sweet.  And it develops and develops and develops in a way that is seamless.  I have the feeling that Spiritueuse Double Vanilla will be my signature scent this winter!

  • Bone Rating: 5 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent: Oriental
  • Nose: Jean-Paul Guerlain
  • Classification: Marketed as a feminine fragrance, but I believe this suits both men and women
  • Expense: $250 for 75ml EdP

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

19 thoughts on “Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain

  1. I am more and more becoming a Guerlain Guy! And now this baby has my name on it. I can’t wait to get down to Neiman Marcus (The only place in San Francisco that has the entire Guerlain line ~ and the lovely Lana who knows her stuff.) and test it out. I am so in love with incense and orientals at the moment. And for you who are not a huge fan of the temple smells I am so happy you found an incense that you love. Wonderful Post!!


    • Lanier – I look forward to hearing what you think about this and any of the others that you test. To me, this is very un-Guerlain which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because there is an underlying edge to some of their fragrances that I don’t particularly like but I’m not sure how to describe it.


  2. A boozy vanilla sounds perfect for winter. Enjoy your fragrant souvenir.


  3. What would happen if I drank it? No, seriously, it sounds delicious in a fragrant way. Love it.


  4. I want, I want, I want, I want to tryyyyyy it! Buuut Guerlain has no boutiques in Poland. I guess I would either have to buy a sample or pay a visit to the nearest Guerlain Boutique abroad. Germany?


  5. Beautiful write up Houndy – have you got yourself a bottle of this goody then? I need to find “MY” vanilla – I think it may be Agonist’s Vanille Marble, but more tries are needed… maybe that’s not a good sign. Anyway 🙂 Yep, you had my mouth watering, I’ll be sure to give this another try next time I see it.


  6. I’m glad you like it. I couldn’t find better words to describe this perfume. I like the fact that is not so sweet like the name suggests.


  7. Lovely description of SDV. It makes me feel so classy every time I wear it.


  8. I’ve tried SDV recently for the first time and though all I had was a dab vial it was very nice.

    When you say “signature scent” – how many wears (per week/month/season) are we talking about? 🙂


  9. I can’t get this review out of my head. Or, rather, the SDV! Ever since I read it weeks ago, I keep coming back to it. I’ve spread the word/link today to 2 people who I think will like it, too. I’m definitely going to get a sample of this shortly, along with the Anima Dulcis by Arquiste that a blogger friend of mine reviewed (in a drool-worthy way). Both sound delicious and perfect for the start of the new year which is often a cold, drab month without oomph or fun. I think it’s your use of the word “boozy” that really sold me on this. Boozy….. hmmm. 😉


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