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Perfumed Travel 2021


In the United States, Memorial Day weekend traditionally kicks off the start of the summer travel season. After a long year and a half living with the constraints due to COVID, many are jumping at the chance to do a little exploration. So, why not use your perfumed passion to hit the road?

The New York Times Style Magazine has compiled a list of hidden perfumed treasure destinations from around the world. Luckily for me, one of them is in my home town: Coqui, Coqui.

So what’s your first destination going to be?

Special thanks to Serenity Now Scents and Sensibilities for sharing this article.

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2 thoughts on “Perfumed Travel 2021

  1. I loved seeing all those stores – thank you for sharing! I wouldn’t mind visiting all of those from the article. But my first stop would be Hakuhodo, Kyoto, Japan – fude brushes are my recent obsession.

    My shopping will be mostly online this weekend, and I don’t think I’ll buy any perfumes. But we’ll see.


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