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New Release: Lesquendieu le Parfum by J. Lesquendieu



I find it thrilling when classic perfume houses rise from the ashes and once again launch their legacy perfumes.  These historical houses created luxury that few could afford in the day.  Case in point, J. Lesquendieu’s new luxury line of French fragrances were inspired by an era when quality was valued above quantity, when fragrances were created for a discerning clientele.  Lesquendieu, La Maison de Haute Parfumerie , founded in 1903 has returned to their roots to create this rare new line of fragrances continuing the legacy of the original founder, Joseph Lesquendieu, who believed “The quest for a true luxury product should have no boundaries.”

As part of this relaunch , J. Lesquendieu is reintroducing five perfumes under their original names:  Bonne Fortune, a woody and spicy citrus perfume;  Feu de Bengale, a vanilla floral perfume; Glorilis, a spicy floral perfume, Lilice, a powdery floral perfume (powdery, floral), and my favorite in the line, Lesquendieu le Parfum a spicy oriental.

Luxury in a bottle requires an equally luxurious bottle to house the perfume in.  As such, each perfume comes in a hand crafted bottle requiring the work of eleven craftsman through the reknowned glassmaker Waltersperger.  Although the company states that there are a limited or “modest” number of bottles that will be available, they don’t cite just how many that number is.

So what does my favorite in the line, Lesquendieu le Parfum smell like?  Let’s take a look…

WHAT I SMELL:  Lesquendieu opens with a flash of bergamot and then quickly moves to a smooth, velvety tea note that is tinged with a lightly spiced burnt ember.  Subdued and calming, the perfume feels like it’s calculating its path forward to determine the best way to meld with your DNA to make the perfume exclusively yours.  After a short while, the perfume begins to powder, the tea note retreats and a soft floral begins to appear with a lightly spiced iris that feels like its lifting upward as if through the soft motion of angel wings.  But the powdery and light don’t remain in this heavenly state; instead, the perfume begins to warm and an ambered hue brings the perfume down to earth.  The perfume has now become woody, but it still remains restrained and soft.  At this point in the development, the perfume really retreats, leaving you wondering if that’s all there is.  But after a short while, the powder begins to come back and a sweetened iris starts to radiate.  The perfume is incredibly pretty, very sunny and bright.  Finally, the perfume settles into the most beautiful powdered, yet lightly waxy ambered iris.  It’s not sugared, but it’s just slightly sweetened to make it the perfect combination of pretty and fresh while still maintaining a classical sense of being.

From the J. Lesquendieu website:

A powdery floral fragrance pairing the nobility of Iris to the natural Italian essential oils of lemon and bergamot, resting on the more sensual base notes of amber and Virginian Cedar.

Top notes Bergamot, Tea, Birch
Middle notes Jasmine, Tonka bean, Labdanum
Base notes Amber, Cedar, Vanilla

Angel SwanWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  The graceful elegance of a swan.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE LESQUENDIEU:  delightful, positive, contented


BOTTOM LINE:  Lesquendieu is a beautifully composed classical scent.  Smooth and refined yet incredibly refreshing, it’s a superb perfume that could fit either a man or a woman.  Lesquendieu is most definitely luxury in a bottle.

  • Bone Rating:  4.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Spicy Oriental
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Expense: $520 Euros for 75 ml eau de parfum

Sample provided by J. Lesquendieu.  Opinion my own.

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3 thoughts on “New Release: Lesquendieu le Parfum by J. Lesquendieu

  1. Wow – this sounds lovely! I don’t recall ever even hearing a peep about this house! How did you come by such arcane knowledge? 4.5 bones is high praise indeed, and I’m always up for sniffing anything with iris. (Although probably not buying, at that price.)


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