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The Scented Hound’s Best of 2016


2016-62016 is already gone and once again I am running behind with posting.  But before we head officially into 2017, I am going to give my wrap up on this past year.  Now, I can’t claim I was able to experience all of the new releases this past year (actually, I don’t believe there were enough days in the year to accommodate all the industry had to offer)…but instead will cite which ones that I thought were special.  So let’s get to it:

The best of 2016:

Rendezvous by DSH Perfumes – Dawn Spencer Horowitz continues to create incredibly memorable perfumes with her very distinctive signature style.  With Rendezvous, she took a decaying floral and made it magnificent.  These days it takes a lot to make a perfume hit me on an emotional level, but this beauty did.  And I don’t think that this perfume got the love it deserves.

Stones by Atelier de Geste – When you take the green beauty of Chanel No. 19 and mix it with an earthy blend, you get the incredibly modern Stones.  This limited edition perfume was a surprise to me and again I haven’t heard any buzz around it.

Mona di Orio Bohea Bohème – Bohea Bohème was perfumer Fredrik Dalman’s first creation for the house of Mona di Orio.  The tea based perfume is a subtle testament to Mona’s legacy.  Quiet and unassuming,  Bohea Bohème is all about the quiet journey.  I look forward to seeing what Fredrik creates next.

prizepage-image-image-2-dogphotoLesquendieu le Parfum by J. Lesquendieu – 2016 saw the reemergence of the house of J. Lesquendieu.  The classic line of legacy perfumes were once again available for the lucky few who can afford these beauties.  Easily the best of the re-releases is Lesquendieu le Parfum.  Uncomplicated, but oh so pretty, you can see why true luxury comes at a price.  Smooth as silk…if only I could afford a bottle myself!

Arbolé Arbolé by Hiram Green – The release of Arbolé Arbolé came as a bit of a surprise as Hiram Green had launched Dilettante a few months prior.  But I’m glad that he did release this very nostalgic velvety smooth creation.  Hiram’s work is always top of the line…here he’s at his best.

Chanel No. 5 L’Eau – Light and refreshing and sparkling with modernity.  This No. 5 flanker is superb even if you’re not a big fan of the original.  This perfume just makes me so incredibly happy.

L’Atessa by Masque Milano – Unique is hard to come by these days…L’Atessa certainly is with its yeasty champagne fizz which gives way to a lovely powdered floral drydown.  Add that to the most exquisitely redesigned signature perfume bottle, Masque Milano has hit it out of the park with this release.

The perfumes of Parfums Dusita – Perfumer Pissara Umavijani debuted 3 perfumes in 2015, but I didn’t experience them until this year…so as far as I’m concerned, they’re part of this year’s “best of.”  So which one is the best?  Hard to say which one I like the best, the sensual white floral, Melodie de L’Amour; the refined Ouhd Infini or the modern fougere Issara?  I can’t choose because all three deserve recognition.  There are two new perfumes in the line which I have yet to experience…this time I won’t wait a year to do so.

The worst of 2016:

I don’t like doing the worst because perfume is an individual taste…what you might not like, others may love.  But there was one perfume this past year that just hit me incredibly wrong and that was…

Tauerville Fruitchouli Flash – This super sweet and thick concoction gave me a cavity by just smelling it.  Sorry Andy.

So given all of these beauties from this past year, what did I end up wearing for the most part?  I really pretty much stuck to the classics.  My most worn perfume of 2016 was Mitsouko, the parfum extrait, which I just craved over and over again.  The 2nd most worn perfume was Chanel Beige which is just so easy to love.  Maybe 2017 will provide me with a new classic that I won’t be able to stay away from.

Happy New Year from The Scented Hound!

Author: The Scented Hound

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23 thoughts on “The Scented Hound’s Best of 2016

  1. Whaaaa!?!? I absolutely adore Tauerville’s FruitchouliFlash and I receive so many compliments on it…that Apricot/peachy jam + the medicinal patchouli opening tones down into a lovely rosey patchouli on me. I hope Andy reads the comments so he knows there are fans of this fragrance. Otherwise the rest of your list is quite nice…


    • Happy New Year 2Lips…your reaction is exactly why I don’t like to post the “worst of”…because someone indeed will love it. FF just became horrid on my skin…thus my pick. I’m so glad that you love it though. When it comes to perfume, it is very much the case of “different stokes for different folks!”


    • I love it too! It is not overly sweet on me and the fresh peachy note is lovely. Thumbs up from me!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy New Year Steve!

    I DO love a good list! Thank you for taking the time to share your own best of 2016. I suppose that I will eventually locate my samples of most of these in The Sample Sea, although I do own L’Attesa. And um … I am certain that I don’t own a sample of Fruitchouli Flash, but I’m grateful to Andy for the name alone which was fair warning and quite adorable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy New Year Holly! Like you, I probably have a few more gems that are buried in the Sample Sea…the perfumes just come so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. I think 2017 will be more prolific than 2016. But I guess that’s not a bad thing 🙂


  3. Hi Houndie! Cheers and happy 2017!
    Great to see another list of blogger’s favorite perfumes in 2016.

    We overlap with Arbole Arbole and L’Attesa, great fragrances.

    Hope 2017 brings us just enough perfume joys 🙂


  4. You are going to love Dusita’s Le Sillage Blanc when you get it. Beige, L’Attesa, and Arbolé are at the top of my want list for this year. Happy New Year. Love to you and Mark.😘


    • I can’t wait to try Le Sillage Blanc…I know that you have great taste so I’m very excited. Wishing you a very Happy New Year…may 2017 be a fantastic one, even though we’ll be living in the city of Trump!


  5. I purchased DSH Rendezvous in the body butter and I’m in love. I put some on almost every night. It’s heavenly.


  6. Thanks for posting your most worn fragrances too. For me that’s just as interesting.


    • You’re welcome. Even though there are those perfumes that are the “best of” each year, what we tend to wear are those perfumes that fit like a comfy old sweater…at least I do. Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by.


  7. Hello TSH. I adore your list. Do you find it difficult whittling it down? I share a few favourites with you and there are some new names here for me too to keep an eye out for. I don’t think I’ve tried Fruitcholi Flash but I adore the Rose. I have to say that the end of the year lists are my favourite feature in the perfume world as I love to see everyone’s different take. x


    • Hi Megan – actually it’s not too hard to whittle down. Before I put together the list I wore them again…some teetered on the edge, but for the most part I knew who was going to be on the list. It really is fun to see what everyone has to say. A lot of similarities, but many differences too.


  8. I haven ‘t tried any of these, haha, but am most curious to sample Arbole Arbole. So good they named it twice!


  9. I despise Fruitchouli Flash as well as Rose Flash, so you’re in good company with your dislike of the former, at least.

    I am curious to try the new Hiram Green fumes. I like Rendezvous for what it is, but because of what it is, it is too redolent of sex juices and a looong funk, even for me. I tried it out and I was like “Oh yea, I’m going to be so super-cool and hipster, and wear my pre-made hipster funk out to dinner with my boyfriend on date night!” And then I came home and it was utterly overwhelming and I felt dirty and gross like I just had sex with someone I shouldn’t have who smokes and drinks and is unhealthy, and that I stayed too long the next day without a proper breakfast or a shower, and I should have left the night before while he was sleeping, and so I crawled home on the train and into bed with Netflix.

    It was just a little much.

    Like my life 5 years ago.



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