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Vintage Coty Imprévu Parfum


WHAT I SMELL:  Imprévu opens with lemony tinged aldehydes that quickly become entrenched in the most beautiful oak moss in addition to a more rounded citrus.  Soon enough, the perfume moves from the citrus and becomes lightly creamy with pulsating florals.  There’s also a spiced note that gives the perfume a bit of exoticness.  At this stage, Imprévu’s heart is deep, warm, a bit mysterious and incredibly alluring.  After some time, a light soapiness emerges, but that soon dissipates and that’s when the real magic happens.  Around 10 minutes into wearing the perfume, a light rich leather melds with the deep and warm florals and the perfume begins to dry with a powdery oakmoss.  The perfume is so beautiful at this point with its warm, in charge and take no prisoners personality.  Imprévu in french means “unforseen” or “unexpected.”  The perfume is exactly that… but in the most wonderful of ways.

From Fragrantica:

Imprévu was launched in 1965 as an intense female perfume that ideally balances the chypre, wood and leather aromas.  Absolutely mature and opulent, it opens with aldehydes and citruses like bergamot and bitter orange.  The heart is composed of leather with traces of clove and floral notes, placed on a wooden base with oak moss.

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Coty Imprévu Parfum

  1. Not surprisingly, I haven’t even heard about this perfume. But your description makes it so appealing 🙂 I’m not into vintage perfumes – otherwise, I’d be putting it into my shopping basket.


    • I have to admit that I probably would have bypassed this. But it is extrait and it was unopened for $25. How could I refuse. As for vintage perfumes. I seem to wear my vintage perfumes more than my new ones. I couldn’t imagine not having them.

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  2. Beautiful bottle, so pretty. Oak moss is very much NOT my thing. Smells pretty bad on my skin so I’ll skip this one.


  3. This was my favourite fragrance back in the late 60s when I was a very young woman. I’m in my 70s now, and I’m sure one whiff of this gorgeous scent would take me back to those glorious times. I’d love to know what fragrances available today smell like Imprévu.


    • Hi Ronne – I have yet to find similar smelling perfumes to some of the old vintage classics so I really can’t recommend one that would be similar to this. However, as I cited in the review, I got a small unopened bottle of this on eBay for a small price and the scent held up really well. Maybe checking out eBay might get you a bottle that will help to spark some of those bygone memories! Best of luck!


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