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Topaze Imperiale by Krigler


topaze imperiale 213WHAT I SMELL: Topaze Imperiale opens with large blast of astringent alcohol, which then leads to this almost sour-smelling pine (kind of like dirty socks).  Thankfully, that little spell soon moves into a warm spice that seems a bit nutty and smells brownish to me (yes, don’t ask me why, but it makes me think “brown”).  After around five minutes, a little oud makes an appearance.  It’s lightly chewy and again, moves out-of-the-way quickly for the sandalwood to take its place along with hints of vetiver.  It’s smooth with streaks of sharpness that make it a bit lighter.  Soon again there’s another change; this time a dry wood that comes into play.  It’s a wood that seems to have been aged with some smoke and incense. After 20 minutes, the fragrance becomes very dry, highlighted with just a faint top layer of rose.  Where before I could only think that this could be worn by a man, with the inclusion of the rose, I now think it of this as very unisex.  All I can say is that Topaze Imperiale is classic and classy…and it lasts for a very long time.

From the Krigler website:

A rich mélange, grounded in a seductive Amber base, Topaze Imperiale evokes the undeniable allure of the precious stone. Intriguing top notes of Vetiver, Musk and Sandalwood lead to an addictive heart of Vanilla, Neroli and Oud before leading to the magnetic base that is accented by notes of Amber, Galbanum, Rose and Mandarin.

big brotherWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  This reminds me so much of my beloved Amouage Fate Woman, but this is less powdery and contains more of a burnt wood effect which makes this more masculine.  It’s like its Amouage Fate Woman’s big brother.  



BOTTOM LINE:  Thanks to the wonderful Daisy from coolcookstyle, who purchased this precious jewel at Sniffapalooza and gave me a sample.   Topaze Imperiale is classic, with an incredible amount of subtleness.  This is a keeper and I’m thinking that maybe it’s my turn for a full bottle??!!!

  • Bone Rating: 4 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent: Oriental
  • Classification:  Unisex
  • Expense:  $245 for 50ml EdP from the Krigler website

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

26 thoughts on “Topaze Imperiale by Krigler

  1. It sounds lovely, my darling Mr. Hound. Absolutely lovely. And I’m sure you smell sexy as hell. I definitely hope to try this soon. Happy holidays to you and your handsome hubby! xoxox


  2. I have never heard of the Krigler brand, perhaps it’s less known or has more narrow availability.
    Ack at the dirty socks part!
    Later some things appeal to me (faint rose) and that scare me (brown feeling)

    I liked Fate Woman but not loved it.

    PS. Love the Christmas tree balls in the background and hey, the snow is falling on your blog!


    • Krigler is an old American brand that is sold exclusively at the Plaza Hotel in NYC or online. That’s why it’s not that largely known. As for the dirty socks part, it only lasts a minute or so, but it was oddly strange. I LOVE Fate Woman…actually more than this, but this is right up there. And I like your Christmas theme too!


      • I see, so it really has a selected distribution. I probably would survive the part if I “shut my nose” for a while.
        I know Fate Woman gets a lot of love, they just don’t speak to me. Only Lyric and Ciel are my cup of tea (and the first one I have)
        Thank you 🙂 I made the Christmas header myself. I just used half-products (meaning hat and snowflakes) from Google image.


  3. I got a sample of this one too. I don’t remember the socks. Must try it again and see if the power of suggestion makes me smell them. I do like this one more than the other two I tried there. It a warm and fuzzy scent to me. I bet it’s great on you too.


  4. Dearest Hound
    A melange indeed! Through booze and acrid pine forest to a comfortable brown then something more classic.
    I’m intrigued.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


  5. So glad you are contemplating a bottle, dearest Hound! I’m not sure if I get socks either . . . maybe something burned or something acrid but only briefly. It’s not unpleasant to me in any case. If you get it, we’ll really be perfume twin-sies 🙂 BTW, did I tell you a threw down for Indult’s Tihota?


    • I think I may hold off on getting a bottle. I just plopped down some money on a blind buy of Nuit de Noel parfum extrait. Tis the season huh? It should be here tomorrow. As for the Indult… I have yet to try any of the re-releases, but that sounds yummy. Vanilla goodness at this time of year makes everything warm and fuzzy! xoxoxoxo


  6. First I see a bottle that, if Idisregard the cap, looks like a bottle of whiskey – good! Then I see a picture of two ginger cats with snow falling over them – great! And then I read your review… Did you see that small but determined horde of lemmings? 😉


  7. Yikes…of course I rather quickly honed in on the dirty socks aspect; however, since it was only for a minute or so and the rest of the wear more than made up for it…I have to break out MY sample, courtesy of our dearest Daisy :-).

    I love your ballsy background and I’ll take internet snow over the real stuff ANYTIME. It will be a massive skating rink in these here parts tomorrow morning.


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