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The Random 10: Shalini Parfum’s Shalini


Shalini portrait July 2021You can’t fake passion.  Passion is something that comes from deep inside you and surrounds you and those you touch.  Shalini Kumar, better known as “Shalini,” is passion personified.  From her early days in Bombay, to her childhood spent in exotic locations like Seville, Dubai and Provence, her passion for fragrance developed through the scented memories of these extraordinary settings.  But while her passion to create perfume was yet to be imagined, Shalini was working on her passion for fashion; first creating for Valentino Couture and then creating her own haute couture line of clothing and jewelry aptly named Shalini Couture. 

It was through happenstance that Shalini’s passion for perfume came to fruition.  In 2001, a friend’s introduction to Master Perfumer Maurice Roucel was serendipity.  The two had an immediate connection.  It was at their first meeting that they had a discussion about Shalini’s favorite flower, tuberose.  She said that she wanted a perfume that reminded her of her childhood memories of moonlit nights filled with rapturous tuberose and intoxicating orange blossom.  That meeting led to their collaboration in creating the very first Shalini perfume, simply titled “Shalini.”


Shalini Parfum Lalique Flacon

Since Shalini Parfum debuted in 2004, Shalini and Maurice’s collaboration has been a continued passion project.  In total, they have created 6 perfumes, the latest being Vanilla Rêve which takes the wearer to the tropical islands of the South Seas.  Each of Shalini’s perfumes seems to take the wearer on an olfactory journey to an exotic location that stems from those wonderful memories captured from Shalini’s childhood. 

All Shalini perfumes are pure parfum in concentration, as such, they’re an extension of her haute couture fashion collection using only the finest of ingredients and are created using the principals of classical French perfumery. Thankfully for us, Shalini’s passion has graced the world with an exquisite collection of the finest perfumes.  I can only wonder where Shalini and Maurice will take us next.

So, let’s find out what else Shalini is passionate about:

  1. I am a hoarder when it comes to… owning multiple bottles of …Bordeaux!
  2.  If I could have one superpower, it would be… gardening – my personal olive grove and a vineyard.  
  3. In 10 years, I see myself …living by the sea painting and writing, growing olives trees and lavender.
  4.  I am most grateful for… all the people whom I love.
  5. The most beautiful sight in the world is… a Provençal scene, any town, any street, any garden…
  6. If I had my way, I wish that perfumers/brands would…use more naturals. 
  7. A guilty pleasure of mine is …reading by the Mediterranean with a glass of cold rosé under the heat of the Riviera sun.
  8. My favorite way to relax is… writing in a café in the morning with a steaming cappuccino.
  9. My favorite holiday is …by the sea, any sea. 
  10. My taste in music leans towards…classical – Chopin, Debussy, Satie nocturnes…

Thanks to Shalini for sharing her passion with The Scented Hound.  You can go to the Shalini Parfum website for more information about these extraordinary perfumes:

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Shalini Parfum by Shalini

shalini-parfum-lalique-flacon_1024x1024WHAT I SMELL:  Shalini opens beautifully with an initial rush of neroli that’s lush, juicy and lightly sun sweetened.  A lovely tiare buzzes above a lightly sharpened hair spray note of sandalwood and there’s a slight soapiness that encompasses the somewhat large, but rather tame florals.  The perfume lives in this slightly soapy, lightly warm cocoon for some time.   After around 20 minutes, the perfume seems to warm considerably, as if the heat of skin is a catalyst to start a chemical reaction.  The tuberose then starts to make its entrance, but in a very soft and deliberate manner as if it’s in no rush.  The tuberose is restrained with all its pungent attributes removed and what you’re left with is the soft and comforting light waxiness from the flower.  At the same time, Shalini starts to turn towards the green as the floral stems add just the right amount of color to make the perfume feel as if it’s a bouquet rather than just a collection of flowers.  As the perfume slowly progresses, the neroli comes forward once again with a light dew to rest on the green.  Here the perfume resides, so restrained, so beautiful and so refined.  Shalini is a lady in every sense of the word.

From Shalini Parfums:

A bouquet of white flowers – tuberose, neroli and tiare – this precious fragrances evokes an intoxicating sensuality.  The rare and pure scent of neroli blooms above the heart of tuberose and tiare while the depth and mystery of sandalwood and musk permeate the senses.

Saks 5th Avenue, Los Angeles- 1940

Saks 5th Avenue, Los Angeles- 1940

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Beautiful, classic Hollywood interiors.  Architectural masterpieces designed for creating dramatic settings.  The scene:   Sak’s 5th Avenue, Los Angeles, 1940… in comes a beautifully dressed, regal and gracious lady and all eyes are transfixed.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE SHALINI:  warm, approachable, refined

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT SHALINI:  CaFleureBon, Perfume-Smellin’ Things

BOTTOM LINE:  Shalini is an ethereal beauty that glides into a room.  The perfume doesn’t develop as much as it transcends.  Shalini is like a dream.

  • Bone Rating:  4.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Floral
  • Nose: Maurice Roucel
  • Classification: Feminine.  Confession:  As feminine as this is, it’s a beauty that I would have no problem wearing myself.
  • Expense: $3,000 for the limited edition Lalique flacon pictured above.  $250 for 10 ml version.  Parfum extrait.