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The Random 10: Arquiste’s Carlos Huber

carloshuber2Since launching Arquiste in 2012, Carlos Huber has made himself  a formidable presence in the ever-growing list of niche perfume brands.  His perfumes, created in conjunction with perfumers Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Yann Vasnier are interesting and unique while still being easy to wear and universal in nature.

Huber, originally from Mexico City, moved to New York City in 2006 to study historic preservation at Columbia University.  While in NY, he met perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux with whom he studied and learned about perfumes and the industry which led to the development and launch of the Arquiste brand.  Combining the love for perfume with a love of history has paid off with the brand as Carlos uses historical inspiration for the creation of his fragrances.  Some of his perfumes are aged in time, but his latest two releases, ÉL and ELLA are woven around more of a personal history as they were inspired by the stories that his parents told him of the sun and fun of Acapulco in the 1970s.  Once again, Mr. Huber manages to capture history in a bottle with a pair of perfumes that take you back in time through a beautiful sensorial journey.

So what makes Carlos tick?  Maybe the Random 10 will reveal a little more about that…

  1. My most prized possession in the world is…two first editions architecture treaties by Jacques Francois Blondel, from 1737-38. (“De la distribution des maisons de plaisance et de la décoration des édifices en général”)
  2. The way I prefer to apply my fragrance is to…do six spritzes, two for the back of the neck (each side) two in the front, and two for each forearm.
  3. The most influential person in my life is / was…probably my parents.
  4. I always cry when…I listen to Cat Power’s ‘The Greatest’ or Natalia LaFourcade’s ‘No mas llorar’
  5. My thoughts regarding natural vs. synthetics are …quality is the benchmark: bad naturals are as bad as bad synthetics. Good synthetics can be really good too, but nothing is as noble and alive as an exceptional natural.
  6. I start my day off every morning by …going to the gym.
  7. The most joyous event in my life thus far…probably winning the Fashion Group International Rising Star Awards for Beauty Entrepreneur in 2013. But to be honest, I get pretty excited about pretty basic things on a regular basic. When i’m with my group of friends having fun, it’s as if it’s the best day/night ever! I’m also very close to my siblings, so seeing them happy is really special for me.
  8. The fragrance that I most dislike is…Paco Rabanne 1 Million. I just cannot.
  9. When I’m looking for quiet time, I …watch period movies on Netflix at home.
  10. My fragrance preferences over time have…become more diverse, but I still like my old-school classics.

Thanks for Carlos for revealing a little more about himself with The Random 10.  If you want to hear what music makes Carlos cry, you can by clicking here:  Cat Power “The Greatest” and Natalia LaFourcade “No Mas Llorar”

And check out the latest releases from Arquiste, ÉL and ELLA at Arielle Shoshana and other fine retailers.  For more information about the Arquiste line of perfumes, check out the Arquiste website at:


The Random 10: Ari Weinberg of Arielle Shoshana

pic: Arlington Magazine

pic: Arlington Magazine

Running your own retail business requires long hours and hard work, not to mention a real dedication to providing the utmost in customer service.  Many businesses struggle after opening, but I’m happy to say that the Washington DC’s one and only shop dedicated to niche perfumes is thriving and continuing to grow.  In fact, Ari Weinberg and her store just celebrated their first anniversary!  Of course, carrying lines like Neela Vermeire, Arquiste, Maison Francis Kurkdjian and many others is good enough reason enough for visiting the store, but it’s the personalized knowledge and service provided by Ari that keeps you coming back.  In addition to celebrating this momentous one year celebration, it was revealed that there are some big things planned for the future which are truly exciting.  I’ll keep any knowledge close at hand…but trust me, Ari’s “passion” for perfume will be front and center.

So what makes this proprietor such a force to be reckoned with in the perfumer world?  Maybe her responses to the Random 10 will reveal a little about that inner spark!

  1. The one skill I wish I could master is …better handwriting. Making chalkboard signs for the shop has made me acutely aware of just how awful my handwriting is. 
  2. If I could meet any living or deceased famous person in the world it would be…Mel Brooks. I deeply admire his gift for turning pain into comedy. 
  3. The fragrance that I can’t ever imagine living without is…L’Artisan Parfumeur Safran Troublant. And I never have to, because I’m hoarding nine bottles like a crazy person.
  4. In 50 years the world…will have perfected cryogenic freezing. Friendly warning: I fully intend to freeze each and every loved one. 
  5. My idea of fun is…playing video games with my brother. 
  6. In 10 years, I see myself …frantically begging a cutting-edge researcher to cryogenically freeze my cat.
  7. My best friend would say the following about me…“I had no idea a human being could eat that many Nerds.”
  8. My fragrance preferences over time have…are even more deeply entrenched. A good 75% of my collection fall under the category Michael Edwards calls “soft orientals”.
  9. The first job I ever held was…Subway, at age 17. You went home smelling like meat. The smells of my current job are quite an improvement!  
  10. You can never own enough…books.

Ari’s sense of fun is infectious and is another reason that Arielle Shoshana is shining bright.  Happy Anniversary to Arielle Shoshana and thanks to Ari for participating in The Scented Hound’s Random 10.

And you don’t have to live within the Washington DC area to purchase some great perfumes from Arielle Shoshana, there’s also a fantastic website to make all your perfumed dreams come true.  Check it out!


The Random 10: Mary Gooding, Puredistance Perfumes

Mary Dance PhotoPositive energy and attitude can’t be fabricated. And passion about one’s job is hard to feign…you either have it or you don’t.  The people at Puredistance, the luxury perfume brand based out of the Netherlands are passionate about what they do and it shows.  And leading the way for Puredistance’s communication and direct sales is the energetic  Mary Gooding.  But passion about perfume wasn’t always Mary’s path in vocation.  As it turns out, it was love that brought her to Puredistance.

Originally from Rochester, NY, Mary’s background was in teaching math and science to high school students.  But her boyfriend’s studies took them overseas to the Netherlands and it’s there that she serendipitously happened upon Puredistance.  After meeting Puredistance founder, Jan Ewoud as well as the small Puredistance family, the connection with Jan and the team “just clicked.” Before she knew it in the fall of  2014 Mary found herself at Pitti Fragranze representing the Puredistance line.

Within the role of direct sales, Mary’s position has a focus on the U.S. market as well as for providing personal service to customers of the web store.  She applies what she calls Puredistance’s DNA for maintaining honest and good old fashion customer service to her work…something that falls in line closely with her own personal values.

Puredistance OparduThey say that everything happens for a reason and Mary’s relocation to the Netherlands no doubt was meant to be, as becoming a member of the Puredistance family is the perfect fit.  And besides, since moving overseas her boyfriend is now her partner in life.  In fact, they just spent their first anniversary celebrating on the Greek Isles.

If you’re familiar with the Puredistance line of perfumes, you know that their approach is to develop and create perfumes that are synonymous with elegance and refinement using only the upmost in quality ingredients.  Mary’s approach to providing such incredible service is continued testament to the brand’s commitment to providing only the best.

Let’s see what Mary’s Random 10 has to reveal about this customer service and sales professional extraordinaire!

  1. My signature scent is… Puredistance Antonia, a highly original green floral created for us by Annie Buzantian in New York.
  2. I would like to be remembered as … genuine, caring and fun-loving.
  3. I typically wear one/many fragrances throughout the day… only one, usually my signature scent. I like to stay true to one perfume to enjoy the full experience of development throughout the entire day.
  4. If I could pass one piece of wisdom to the younger generation it would be… from Confucius, to “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I can say from experience it’s true!
  5. A guilty pleasure of mine is … Belgian Chocolates, I love Guylian Sea Shells Perles d’Océan.
  6. One fragrance that I thought I wouldn’t like, but turned out that I love is… Puredistance M. I thought M would be too spicy for me, but when I tried it I was blown away by the sophistication, now I love it.
  7. My favorite movie of all time is… the Notebook, yes I’m a romantic…
  8. The way I prefer to apply my fragrance is to… the pulse points: the wrists and neck. Also since I have long hair, I apply my perfume to the back of my neck.
  9. My parents always taught me to… be safe and have fun in everything I do!
  10. The one thing that I could never live without would be… my husband and partner in life Manolis, my parents Karen and Steve, sister Rose, and all my family and friends all over the world.

Thanks to Mary for participating in The Scented Hound’s Random 10.  Later this year, look for the newest perfume in the Puredistance line, Sheiduna, created by perfumer Cecile Zarokian.  I had a chance to get a sneak peak a few months back and it’s a stunner!

Oh…one last thing I forgot to mention, Mary is also a competitive ballroom dancer!  Dancing and perfume sounds like a wonderful combination doesn’t it?!

For more information on all the incredible Puredistance Perfumes, check out their website at!