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Ambra di Venezia by Montgomery Taylor


Ambra-di-Venezia-Perfume-ExtraitWHAT I SMELL:  Ambra de Venezia opens with a soft delicate floral citrus in gauze-like sheerness; it feels like perfume that’s sitting upon fluffy light cotton balls.  Hidden beneath the cotton balls is a warm sandalwood that after around 10 minutes becomes lightly soapy.  Thankfully, around this same time, the projection pick up steam because in the first 10 minutes I almost felt like this was going to fade away on my skin.  After another 15 minutes, it begins to project some more and the soapiness has for the most part, left the scene.  What exists now is a lightly spiced jasmine warm floral that’s really very pretty.  And here your journey ends…the fragrance stays in this pretty floral warmth for the rest of the ride.

Ambra di Venezia Notes:  a blend of French narcissus, jasmine, mandarin orange, mango, lime and sandalwood.

The Gondolier, Venice - Guy Rose 1894

The Gondolier, Venice – Guy Rose 1894

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME: A Venitian gondolier ride at the end of a lovely summer day.

THREE ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE AMBRA DI VENEZIA:  soft, uncomplicated, semi-radiant


BOTTOM LINE:  A very nice perfume when you don’t want to wear something that’s going to be a roller coaster of a ride.  There’s not a lot of projection in play here so it would be a great office scent because it’s not going to offend anyone around you.  My review is based on the parfum extrait version, but there’s also an eau de parfum that is almost as pretty, but lighter and without the depth of the parfum extrait version.

  • Bone Rating: 3 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent: Oriental Floral
  • Nose:  Rayda Vega
  • Classification: Leans feminine, but could work for a man.
  • Expense: $130 for 1 oz. Parfum Extrait

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4 thoughts on “Ambra di Venezia by Montgomery Taylor

  1. I’ve never heard of that perfume or even that brand but you make it sound very lovely.
    I checked their website: they produce also EdP version and they offer a free “scent swatch”TM – whatever it means but I don’t want to check 🙂


  2. I loved it, but I thought it was strong. Like a big amber tuberose. Interesting!


  3. I love this perfume and find it very unique, never smelled anything like it before. And I would never wear it to the office, to me it’s way to strong and sexy


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