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A CaFleureBon Hound Post: Vintage Perfume Review: Caron Tabac Blond (1919) by Ernest Daltroff “A Testament to Androgyny” + Claude Cahun Draw

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Claude-Cahun 3Undoubtedly, if there ever was a classic perfume that was identified with early gender bending, it would be Caron’s Tabac Blond.  Created in 1919 by Ernest Daltroff, Tabac Blond has been a testament to androgyny, a beautiful yet mysterious fragrance that doesn’t ascribe to normal gender classifications.  We typically associate the infamous actress, Marlene Dietrich with this Caron masterpiece, but even before she started testing the boundaries of the male/female conventions, a little know french artist, Claude Cahun,  was breaking gender bending barriers. To read more about this intriguing artist and to read the full review on CaFleureBon and to enter in a draw to win a 7.5 ml bottle of Tabac Blond parfum extrait, click here.

You can also read my original Tabac Blond Scented Hound review by clicking here.

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