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Christmas Countdown…a few more last minute shopping ideas!


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I know I already posted my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide, but if you’re like me, you wait until the last-minute to do your shopping.  So I found some more exciting gift ideas that I would like to pass on. But don’t wait too long, Christmas will be here before you know it.


Puredistance is my favorite perfume house; there isn’t a perfume in the line that doesn’t make my heart sing.  From the beautiful radiant floral green Antonia to the sophisticated and gentlemanly M, there’s something for everyone.  Through January 10th, Puredistance is offering three sample sets (2 ml each) of their pure perfumes for an incredible 125 Euros.  Included in the sample set are:  Antonia, Black, I, M, Opardu and White.  This is the perfect way to introduce the Puredistance line to your loved ones…and with 3 sets, you can keep one for yourself!

Puredistance Gift Set 2But if you’re already in love with the line like myself, Puredistance has whole set of gift promotions that would make any perfumista ecstatic.  One of my favorite gift sets includes a 60 ml perfume of your choice combined with a 17.5 ml bottle of your choice.  Choose the same perfume; one for home and one for your travels, or choose a combination of any two.  All this for only 350 Euros.  Santa, take note, I would like a 60 ml bottle of White and a 17.5 bottle of Antionia!  Of course, all this is packaged in the utmost of luxury.

For more information on all of the gift sets and special promotions, check out the Puredistance website.


Dame Perfume Rollerballs


I LOVE rollerball perfumes!  They’re perfect for traveling and they make for the ultimate perfumed stocking stuffer.  Dame Perfumery continues to create incredibly beautiful perfumes at a very affordable cost.  For 10 ml at $35 each, you can afford to buy one or all of these soliflores:  Gardenia, Tuberose, Rose de Mai, Mimosa, Osmanthus and Narcissus.  And if the soliflores are a bit too feminine for your liking, check out Musk Man, which was just named as a Fragrantica’s Reader’s Choice best perfumes of 2015!  Another winner,  Dark Horse was named as an Editor’s Choice best perfume of 2015…oh and the Gardenia soliflore was too.  Given all that, a perfumed gift from Dame Perfumery is a no brainer!

For more information go to the Dame Perfumery website to see these and other offerings.



Sitting on the table next to my couch is a Nest Birchwood Pine 3 wick candle.  I can’t tell how much it brings to life the warmth and magic of the season to the house.

From the Nest Fragrances website:

The aroma of a majestic winter forest is created by blending white pine, fir balsam and birchwood over a base of rich musk and amber.

Besides the 3 wick candle, Nest offers a full line of Birchwood Pine products to choose from, including diffusers and sprays.  And the really wonderful thing about the Birchwood Pine home fragrance collection is that it’s more true to winter than just Christmas.  So once the tree comes down for the season, you can still hold on to the warmth of this scent all through winter!

For more information on the Birchwood Pine collection as well as all the Nest Fragrance offerings, check out their website!

Remember, Christmas is less than two weeks away, so it’s time to get your Prancer on and get your shopping finished so that you can enjoy the wonder of the holiday season.

All the best to you and yours this holiday season from The Scented Hound!


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16 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown…a few more last minute shopping ideas!

  1. Greetings, Herr Hund, I want the Puredistance Opardu set please Santa!! And I’m getting ready to order a couple of the Dame soliflores. Have had my eye on a Nest candle also. Great minds think alike for sure…


  2. Yummy picks! I definitely have some Puredistance samples floating around in the sample sea, but a set would be so much more accessible. Oh, oops … thinking of myself (again). I’ve never bought anything from Nest – how is that possible? Just the name alone is so appealing, and their stuff sounds and looks really nice. And Jeffrey Dame, I just love him and am all for supporting his work in any way possible. Those rollerballs look like winners to me!


    • Holly…here’s my secret. There’s a great little home store where I live. They have an incredible selection of Nest items…the day after Christmas they are 1/2 off so I stock up for the next year. Sneaky, I know, but smart 🙂


  3. Houndie knows what’s good. I’d love White and M for myself 😀


  4. That’s a great offer on the PD sets, no question. I like the idea of the little and large combo too, albeit I am not in the market for one. ;0


  5. Nice picks again, Houndy! That Puredistance Sampler Set is amazingly elegant. The Nest Birchwood Pine scent sounds wonderful; I need to stop by Bergdorf or Nordstrom to smell it. I am still using the Nest Pumpkin Chai diffuser in my half-bath and it actually fragrances the entrance / hallway with a nice soft creamy scent. For those who like the rollerball type of application, the Dame Perfumery offering is perfect.


  6. Good ideas, Steve!

    That Puredistance set… Since I do have Antonia already, I would probably go for White for me and Black for my vSO. But I need to slow down with perfume gifts (both for myself and my vSO) for a little while probably… Until Valentine’s Day perhaps? 😉


    • Slow down??? Are you getting weak? Actually, I’m proud of myself. I don’t believe that I have purchased any new perfume for at least 5 months. Wait, I stand corrected, it was last in Mexico…but I bought a small bottle that was only 10ml. Does that count?

      Liked by 1 person

      • 10 ml?.. No, it’s almost as if you gave them away 🙂
        I wasn’t too bad this year but during these holidays I’m probably getting a couple more bottles so I just need to figure out the shelf space for new additions 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    • I think you should go for it considering the promotions! You were the one who gave me my first taste of white and while it was not love at first sniff, I “got it” on second try. I wore it this week and got compliments AND I may have enabled 2 of my co-workers. If they follow through, they will be the shiniest enabler pins for me based on $/mL 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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