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Puredistance Black


PuredistanceBlackWHAT I SMELL:  Black opens with a sweet and deep incense and smoky accord.  I want to say there’s some bergamot and what seems to be a bit of floraled honey mixed with the smokiness.  That initial smokiness breaks away somewhat to reveal this almost butter like creamy light almond.  But as soon as I notice that, the incense starts to waft up from the bottom again, this time with what seems to be a bit of sueded leather.  There’s a bit of sour that makes an appearance that doesn’t detract, but like the smoke and incense, seems to pop in and out.  After around 15 minutes it seems like there is a bit of peppered metallic that makes an appearance.  Again, it comes and goes like all of the other notes which seem to intermix seamlessly without one note dominating.  In the end you’re left with a very light, close to the skin, smooth and elegant slightly woody incensed perfume.

From the Puredistance Black release materials:


Puredistance Black is an understated elegant and mysteriously charming perfume inspired by the concept of BLACK; a concept that for centuries has been associated  with secrets, mystery and style.

Puredistance BLACK is created in Paris by the famous French Perfumer Antoine Lie  based on a concept of Puredistance founder Jan Ewoud Vos. The essence of  the concept was to create a perfume that is close to the wearer and releases sensual and elegant scent layers in a whispering way – without shouting.  A mysterious fragrance that stays in the shadow, giving away – only every now  and then – part of its delicate nature.

Antoine loved the concept and created a sophisticated perfume full of charm with the same elegant personality as the timeless classic Puredistance I, but then more masculine and oriental.

And as a consequence of the concept of BLACK (that treasures the beauty of the unknown) we will not reveal the ingredients of Puredistance BLACK…. Envision, Smell, Feel. Don’t analyse.



WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  A man of many secrets.  What I mean is that there is a mysteriousness that surrounds Black.  It’s very subtle and holds very close to the skin.  It leans masculine and it doesn’t reveal itself until you are close at hand…you might catch a whiff of the fragrance from a slight distance, but you wonder where this deep and dark fragrance originates from.  Then you realize, It originates from the man of many secrets.

THREE ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE BLACK:  quality, enigmatic, smooth


BOTTOM LINE:  Once again Puredistance has created a fragrance that is of the utmost quality and elegance.  The one thing about Black that I was not expecting though is how subtle it is and how much it wears close to the skin especially for a parfum concentration.  But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because Puredistance is not the house that creates perfumes that shout…”look at me,” and that’s a good thing!

  • Bone Rating: 4 out of 5 possible bones
  • Nose:   Antoine Lie
  • Classification:  Leans masculine
  • Expense:  Black is a pure perfume (25% perfume oil) and will be available in November 2013. The EU retail price will be 165 euro for 17.5 ml, 275 euro for 60 ml. and 490 euro for the 100 ml. flacon.

Disclosure:  Product for review provided courtesy of Puredistance.

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23 thoughts on “Puredistance Black

  1. Gosh, everyone is faster than I am. My sample of Puredistance BLACK arrived on Friday, I came back home from Warsaw on Saturday and since I wanted to do the Monday Quick Sniffs, which have to be posted on Monday obviously, I decided to post my review on Thursday. In the meantime Juraj and now you are posting your impressions!

    As suck at being first!


    • LOL. If it wasn’t for the government shutdown and being out of work, I probably wouldn’t have reviewed this for a while. But since I now have time on my hands….why not??!! Looking forward to reading about your impressions.


  2. Great review Houndy – sounds like a winner to you. Everything from Puredistance has sucked balls for me. Very overhyped, and pretentious. But there we go. I think it was an obvious guess Black would be an incense/leather and little else. I’m sure it’s nice enough but I won’t be hunting it out! Although the fact it’s by Antoine Lee intrigues me JUST A LITTLE BIT. Still seeing your incense taste develop here 😉


    • Freddie – I’m afraid Black is not adventurous enough for you, that’s true. It’s like a nice fine cognac…very elegant and surprisingly understated. I’ll have to find something to review that has more of a kick in the balls for you 😉


  3. I see here the perfume houses now move back to incense from overloads of oud. The later is not my favorite note. I haven’t tried nothing from the line yet and I don’t even know if I want to. Prices are too high for my budget. And not much going on with this one ;-).


  4. You had me at incense. You lost me at “light, close to the skin”.


  5. I tried this today for the first time and loved it! Very much agree with your take, though my ability to detect individual notes is a little more fuzzy/shaky – it read as a very subtle, dreamy spicy/woody/dusty/incensey oriental. If there were some floral notes in there they didn’t make themselves known to me, but it was a definite thumbs up and I will review it soon too. I second your comment that Freddie might well find this too tame. 😉


    • My ability to parse out the notes is in question too. For all I know I was WAAAY off with my thoughts. But I guess that goes against the grain of the concept being that one should enjoy it and not to analyze it. It is lovely from that standpoint isn’t it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  6. Oh no, the dreaded furlough. I hope the budget passes or at least some form of it passes because this whole impasse is just a big game of chicken to see who folds first and all it’s hurting are “the people”. Anyway….this read like 4 out of 5 bones for me too. All the notes sound very appealing BUT, the “leans masculine” part worries me as I don’t want to smell like a guy. Great review.


  7. Hello, like I have said.. I would never guess there is incense inside. I never sensed it from my skin, interesting. Will test it again for my pleasure! I totally agree with you about what you have said, smooth with quality! And the picture you used, really describes it perfectly..are those Madisson guys? 🙂


  8. It sounds wonderful! You know me and Incense! And this one sounds like a perfect scent for work… Something you can enjoy without Mr. Anitiperfume getting all up in arms. Yippee!


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