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Peche Cardinal by Parfums MDCI


peche cardinalWHAT I SMELL:  Peche Cardinal opens with a muted berry that’s sweet and fruity and lightly tropical.  It’s really pretty and soft and could easily have gone big and garish, but instead it is pure innocence.   There’s a light creaminess that lends itself to a light peach freshness.  It’s as if there are peaches and plums in a beautiful bowl, tinged with sun that’s met with a gentle breeze coming through an open window.  Plus it’s cottony soft, like a baby’s blanket; all comforting and secure.  After around 20 minutes, the warmth of the sandalwood comes in along with this restrained tuberose, making this even more comforting if that’s possible.  After the 30 minute mark the fragrance begins to grow and increase its projection.  But once again, it does so without making it loud.  The final drydown is a just a little spicy, but a lot of peach and muted tuberose.  Peche Cardinal is one majestic beauty.

From the Parfums MDCI website:

A fruity floral From a palette of raw materials by the famous Fragrance House Robertet, Amandine Marie imagined for MDCI a very bold, young and vivacious composition: daring at first, but with soft and silky tones in its development. A dazzling start: peach, blackberry, blackcurrant, Davana and coconut make it a true fruity fragrance, full of exuberance. After this grand opening  that feels like the triumphant arrival of spring and awakens the  senses, lily and tuberose and a touch of plum enter the  composition, softening it into a smooth fruity floral. These floral  notes are a prelude to the round and velvety final accords of the  base: sandalwood, cedar and musk bring soothing calm, body and lasting power.

Girl with a Kitten, Jean-Baptiste Perronneau

Girl with a Kitten, Jean-Baptiste Perronneau

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  The story of a girl’s transformation from beautiful innocence to a sophisticated and charming woman.


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BOTTOM LINE:  Peche Cardinal translates into Cardinal Sin.  There is NO sin involved with this fragrance.  Instead, it would be a sin not to enjoy it.  I’m not a fan of peach fragrances…but I am a big fan of this.

  • Bone Rating: 4.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent: Fruity Floral
  • Nose:  Amandine Marie
  • Classification: Feminine
  • Expense: $250 for 75ml EdP without the beautiful bust.  $375 for 60ml EdP with the iconic bust.

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

24 thoughts on “Peche Cardinal by Parfums MDCI

  1. I’m such a fan of the MDCI line, and Peche Cardinale is a wonderful perfume, you do it great justice here with your beautiful review 🙂


    • Thanks so much for the kind words. I was incredibly surprised by how much I like it. Peach tends to become really old to me quickly. I haven’t explored much of the line except for Chypre Palatin, but I am thinking I need to. But there is a price point factor that does keep me away. Do you have a favorite in the line?


      • I know about the price, but unlike other brands at similar or higher price tags, I find that the MDCI oozes quality. They do do this amazing sample programme that you should check out, the price for that you can then later subtract from a Fb purchase if you should wish to. Personal favourites are Promesse a l’aube, Enlevement au Serail (discontinued) and Nuit Andalouse. Peche Cardinale of course as well. Funnily none of them are my usual comfort zone fragrances, but I still find them amazing. – Ok, will stop goshing now 🙂 and I am not affiliated, although that could almost be expected from the above 😉


  2. Hi Steve, those MDCI bottles raise a chortle from me. They remind me of my deceased Great Aunt Mabel who ‘liked ornaments’ and had an organ that she played when we went round for tea. Mabel would have displayed that bottle proudly in her posh ‘guest bathroom’.


    • Oh my dear… you just made me literally laugh out loud. I can picture your Great Aunt Mabel just telling folks to make sure they check out the pretty sculpture in the bathroom that’s sitting right next to the embroidered hand towels. Thanks for making me smile!!!


  3. 4.5 bones! I was just at OsswaldNYC and did not sniff this one. I’m pretty sure I did the previous time I was there but don’t recall it now…must try again!


    • I’m sure that you’ll be at Osswald again soon no doubt. You need to give it a try then. And try it on your skin. When I was there a year ago, I spritzed it on paper and I thought…meh. On my skin it was completely different.


  4. I love Peche Cardinal. I’ve got a bottle and I wear it all the time!


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  6. Heya Hound,
    Great review. I am currently freaking at frag costs. This is a LOT of money to smell good.
    I bet it smells amazing though. 4.5 bones is rare.
    Portia xx


    • Hi P! It is amazing…and amazingly expensive. I always wonder if something is so fantastically high priced that it makes it feel more exclusive and therefore we want it more?! The quality is definitely there… and it’s so smooth and comforting. And for someone who’s not a peach fan (I hated Rochas Femme), that’s saying a lot. I hope all is well!


  7. Oh this has reignited my desire to try this! It seems perfect for this time of year!


    • I agree Holly…usually the snuggly perfumes are the ones that fit the cooler weather… this works all year long, but it’s perfect for summer snuggling, especially on wet humid days like today. Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Steve, I must say that I adore your review style and get enchanted every time – even when I read about perfumes that do not work for me, like Peche Cardinale. As I mentioned in the comment on APB, peach and tuberose are two notes that never work for me. I wanted to like this perfume after reading Birgit’s review, I even got a decant of it – but no.
    Once I find a perfume in this line that I love I’ll get a “full presentation” bottle: I think those are gorgeous!


    • U – thank you so much for those kind words…”enchanted” what a sweet compliment. I wish I could steer you towards another one in the line, but I have only tried this and Chypre Palatin. I should probably get a sample set, but haven’t splurged on it yet. But I should tell you if you go to their site and order a sample set, the cost of the samples will go towards a FB. I love programs like that! Let me know if you find the one you love. I don’t know anyone who has a bust version…I have to admit I would love one too!!!


      • Chypre Palatin is the one I like and wear (from a decant) from time to time but I’m not sure I’ll want a bottle of it. I need to test more. And yes – samples cost towards a FB purchase is the proper way of doing business. At least for more expensive brands – I’m fine paying for samples for small indie brands.


  9. This is one of my favorites from the line. And you can’t beat the play on words in the name!


  10. I will have been at a wedding the night before. I have the feeling that I shall be hung over. A good breakfast probably will be necessary!


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  12. Blissfully sexually, PERFECT.

    Liked by 1 person

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