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Xerjoff Oesel


WHAT I SMELL:  Oesel opens like the dawn of a new day with a creamy, smooth, layered orange blossom.  It’s as if the sun warmed blossoms have exploded with their fragrant projection just at the peak of the late morning.  The florals are rich, thick and bountiful without being overtly juicy or sweet.  The mix of florals including jasmine, mimosa and Bulgarian rose are blended as if they were carried in the most fragrant nosegay and are melded so seamlessly as to defy you to be able to distinguish them, but for the voluminous orange blossom.  In addition,  Oesel is warm and full of bright yellow hazy sun and when smelled on the skin, the perfume retreats to the depth of your lungs.  After a while, a consistent and dried wood begins to float under the orange blossom giving the perfume an added dimension with just the slightest of dirt and earth.  Oesel is golden in every sense of the word.

From Fragrantica  –

Oesel perfume from the Shooting Stars Collection is a symphony of bright and rich notes perfectly mixed with the best raw ingredients. Orange blossom and petitgrain from Paraguay lead the path to the heart of Bulgarian rose and Sambac jasmine, which are skillfully wrapped in sophisticated mimosa and white flowers. Graceful result of this mixed breed is the ambery wooden base of Indian patchouli, cedar and tobacco flower, which exudes the character, depth and persistence.

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  An orange blossom boutounniere…the perfect perfume for your wedding day.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE OESEL: rapturous, uplifting, joyous

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT OESEL:  Now Smell This, CaFleureBon, Confessions of a Perfume Nerd

BOTTOM LINE:  I finally set forth cleaning up my office and the stash of perfume samples that were invading every corner of the room.  There were quite a few of the perfumes I didn’t even realize I had in my possession.  So off came the tops of many for a quick smell.  Oesel was the loveliest of surprises and I wish I had tested it sooner.  In fact I loved it so much so that the next day I purchased a bottle.  How’s that for an endorsement?!

  • Bone Rating:  5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Oriental Floral
  • Classification: Marketed for men, but could easily be worn by a woman.
  • Expense: Varied…mid $200 for 100 ml eau de parfum

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

17 thoughts on “Xerjoff Oesel

  1. Sounds magnificant and as a must try for orange blossom lovers, dear S!


  2. I originally heard about this fragrance through a review on the now-inactive Olfactoria’s Travels. Sounds like you found it as beautiful as she did- thanks for reminding me to try it at some point! (But ouch at the price)


  3. Have you tried Xerjoff Noi before? If so, how would you compare them? I just tried a sample this weekend and found it to be amazing, but a little close-to-the-skin for my taste. I found it similar to your description of Oesel, a creamy citrus. Very tempting except for the…$260/50 mL pricetag. Where are you finding Oesel at $260 for 100 ML?


    • Greetings David. I have not tried Noi so I can’t speak to the comparison. This isn’t close to the skin so you’ll get your money’s worth. I purchased my perfume from Notino and I had a coupon at the time plus free shipping. If do some shopping, you might find it for a good price. Good luck.


  4. Wow, you rarely give anything 5 bones. This must be fantastic. It has everything I love- jasmine, rose and orange blossom. This is a must try for me and I’ll probably buy it, too! Thanks so much for reviewing this beautiful scent.


  5. Cool looking bottle too, very Ayn Rand. Thanks so much for the review (five bones!), as orange blossom is my absolute favorite note and I don’t think I have a sample of this one. Actually, I think the only Xerjoff I’ve tried is Irisss and heaven knows I should not be ordering samples of stuff like that one when a bottle costs $725 ouch!


  6. That’s quite an endorsement! I love your blog!!!❤️


  7. Oh, oh, oh, I have actually tried this! Birgit gave me a sample many moons ago and though I unfortunately had a migraine on the first day I tried it, the appeal of the scent withstood that unfortunate first encounter. It is all that you say – golden and rich and thick! My dear departed mother would of course have observed that you could put your eye out with that top…


    • LOL… yes the top could be used as a weapon. I noticed that Xerjoff just updated their bottles which are now more rounded and softer, but they still kept the spearheaded top. I guess they didn’t listen to your mother. 🙂


  8. It’s really little more than a fancy Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur du Male. Its very nice, but five bones? That’s over rated. I prefer Gaultier’s torso bottle too.


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