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New Release: Puredistance Sheiduna



WHAT I SMELL: Welcome to the bazaar…Sheiduna’s opening is full of light and glistening peppery citrus and fruits that feel as if they were dried on top of a warm, sun-kissed sand.  The perfume is dry, but it has an undertone of a rounded vetiver that sails along the top of an ambered plane tinged with the most beautiful incense.    The dried fruits, along with the spice and the warmed florals feel like an invitation to an exotic table set in a tent in the middle of the desert welcoming guests in from a long, hot journey.  As the perfume develops, the citrus and fruit begin to make way for a more linear vanilla infused base.  The perfume feels very stratified with hidden layers of amber, vetiver, vanilla and myrrh…each feeling separate from each other, but each riding along this magic carpet that glides so effortlessly above the warmed sand dunes which are now becoming cooler as the hot daytime sun is beginning to set.  The sweetened patchouli and vanilla really come to the forefront as the perfume cools and becomes more comforting and cocooning.  Sheiduna never forces herself on you, but carries you along with mystical enchantment.

From the Puredistance website:

SHEIDUNA is a rich and intense Perfume inspired by the panoramic views and feel of golden sand dunes in the desert during sunset – soft, female curves changing from deep gold to warm, orangey red – embodying a promise of sensual comfort and silent seduction.

Wearing SHEIDUNA, one wafts sensuality, and intense colour waves of Persian rugs touch the senses. The perfect marriage between Sensuality and Style.

Sheiduna notes:  Lemon, tangerine, blackcurrant, aldehydes, Bulgarian rose essence, geranium, clove, vetyver, patchouly, amber woody, incense, benzoin, myrrh, tonka bean, vanilla pods and musks.


Rudolph Valentino as The Sheik

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Rudolph Valentino as The Sheik…mysterious, seductive and so very smooth.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE SHEIDUNA:  tempting, mysterious, alluring

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BOTTOM LINE:  Sheiduna in all of its oriential splendor is a wonderful departure for Puredistance who has some of the most exquisite florals in their line.  Sheiduna is the perfect antidote for the pending cooler months as its desert warmth will keep you surrounded by its exotic and comforting mysticism.

  • promotionBone Rating:  4 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent Oriental Spicy
  • Nose: Cécile Zarokian
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Expense: 175 Euros for 17.5 ml parfum extrait from the Puredistance website.  60 and 100 ml sizes are also available.  And through November 30th, if you purchase a 17.5 ml bottle of Sheiduna you’ll also receive a 5 ml refillable travel spray as well!

DRAW:  Puredistance is offering 3 readers of The Scented Hound a 2 ml sample of this exquisite oriental parfum extrait.  The draw is open to all parties around the globe.  All you have to do to enter is to:

  1. Leave a comment below why you are excited to experience Sheiduna or what your favorite Puredistance perfume is, and
  2. Be a current or new subscriber to the The Scented Hound, and
  3. “Like” the Puredistance Facebook page

The draw is open until midnight, November 3, 2016, EST.  Winners will be chosen via and will be announced on this website.

Sample of Sheiduna provided by Puredistance.  Opinions my own.

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

38 thoughts on “New Release: Puredistance Sheiduna

  1. Puredistance always communicate their fragrances in the most tolerable, but distinctive scented areas. Or at least that’s how I feel, because a lot of my uninitiated friends found M a bit overwhelming. They just don’t have the slightest idea what overwhelming is…Nevermind, I know I would like Sheiduna, because soft spiced myrrh, vanilla and patchouli is just my cup of large steaming oriental tea!!! The vision of Rudolph Valentino as the Sheik works in that direction, too!!!
    Thanks for the great opportunity, Steve!


    • Lyubov…I make no bones about it, Puredistance is my favorite perfume house. I haven’t found one creation in the line that I don’t like. If your friends think M is overwhelming..we need to spritz some Axe body spray around them… that’s overwhelming.. LOL. Good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I liked M and Black by Puredistance but ultimately I decided not to get them because of versatility. I just couldn’t think of enough places/occasions where I could wear them.

    Sheiduna sounds different and interesting. I like that Puredistance makes the 17ml bottles. Considering the potency of their fragrances, this size is perfect. Anything bigger would be a waste.


    • I love the fact that they offer the 17.5 ml bottles as well. And yes, Sheiduna does go a long way so just a little spritz is all that is needed. Now, with my beloved White, I could use a whole bottle in one sitting…I don’t care if I have gone way overboard!


  3. I have some little samples of a few other Puredistance fragrances and absolutely adore them (White, Opardu etc). I have been waiting patiently to try Sheiduna since i heard it was being launched. It sounds particularly delightful – a mix of notes that i love.
    thank you so much for the chance,:- i follow your blog and already follow Puredistance on FB. Cheers.

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  4. I love this romantic description of the perfume: “The dried fruits, along with the spice and the warmed florals feel like an invitation to an exotic table set in a tent in the middle of the desert welcoming guests in from a long, hot journey. ” The notes sound like ones I would enjoy, and I almost always love perfumes created by Cecile Zarokian. Thank you for the draw. Liked and subscribed.


  5. I’m quickly falling in love with this one, it’s highly addictive


  6. Puredistance White was the one that rocked my world, and I still mete out my little travel size, drop by drop! Very excited to try this one as the brief sucked me right in with its imagery of desert shifting dunes. Thanks for the draw, Steve!! -Robert H.


  7. Well, I have never sampled anything from this house so part of my excitement stems from that. 🙂 the other part comes from my intrigue to smell the dried fruitiness of this fragrance. I am usually not drawn to sweet scents, but lately have been drawn to fruit scents if they are done well and in a subtle fashion. So, looking forward to hopefully winning this draw! 😀


  8. I haven’t had the opportunity to try any Puredistance goodness, and this one seems like it would be a great place to start. Since being very small I’ve been obsessed with all things ‘exotic’ middle eastern. My Lebanese husband is amused by this and encourages this obsession. Reading, “Wearing SHEIDUNA, one wafts sensuality, and intense colour waves of Persian rugs touch the senses. The perfect marriage between Sensuality and Style,’ has made me put Shieduna on my ‘try’ list, whether I win or not. Thanks for the opportunity!!


  9. I love Antonia. It wears nicely on me with a chypre sort of experience. Would love to they this new one! Bow wow, Scented Hound.

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  10. I would LOVE a sample of Sheiduna!! Sounds amazing!!
    Thank you to you, Scented Hound and to Pure Distance! Great review also!!

    Greysilver (Sonia)


    • Ms. Sonia… I hope you get a chance to try this by winning the draw…and I hope you got to Sniffa this past weekend. I really wanted to go, but alas I couldn’t. What would you say you loved the most from what you were introduced to?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I missed you,Steve. I most loved the new Great Britain from Roja Dove- way out of my price range of course and now yet in BG’s – was a preview.
        I also enjoyed Parfum Marlys new boutique. I had been hoping the new Pure Distance you reviewed would be featured would be available but it wasn’t.
        Hope all is well with you.

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  11. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying any of the Puredistance fragrances yet. I hope a sample will be coming my way!


  12. Wowzer! My favorite Puredistance perfume is Opardu (who would have thought? A floral!). I am really tempted by the travel atomizer of Antonia – what a gorgeous green! Anyway, hoping I get picked because I want to try Sheiduna again. I remember it being warm but not much else. And for the love of qualifying for this, I logged in to the evil Facebook and liked Puredistance.

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  13. This is a gorgeous scent, my second favorite from the line (Antonia being the first). I loved reading your thoughts on it, Steve, and can easily imagine that exotic table setting in the desert that you beautifully describe!


  14. Hi Steve. Lovely review as ever. I really like Sheiduna too and will get to write about it soon. Don’t bother entering me into the draw as I have my little stash. xx

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  15. This sounds really beautiful and I love the picture. Valentino, mmmm. Will definitely try this one and thanks for the drawing! I have Puredistance White and I love it as well as Opardu. Everything they make is top quality.

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  16. I had a small sample of Antonia and loved it
    would be more than glad to have the chance to try Sheiduna- I love orientals and this is a “first” from Puredistance
    thanks for the draw

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  17. Great to get your take on this one, with its lyrical and languid evocation of a Saharan scene! It was ‘the more linear vanilla infused base’ that I especially enjoyed.

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  18. I have Puredistance I. It uses a mimosa note in quite a creative way. I have often wondered why it is not more popular because the floral notes mesh really well with the oriental notes.

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  19. I love Oriental spicy fragrances and am excited to experience the beauty of Sheiduna – unisexy, sensual and rounded. I have not yet had the pleasure of wearing a Puredistance perfume.
    The Scented Hound subscriber
    Facebook – Cynthia M Richardson

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