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New Release: Savage Garden by Thorn & Bloom



WHAT I SMELL:  Savage Garden’s opening is warm and inviting yet cool to the skin and the florals are rapturous right from the first spritz.  The herbal notes ground the florals making them more earthy and real.  After a few minutes the mint begins to radiate making the perfume very comforting.  Savage Garden is so grounded in nature that wearing it makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a garden even though you might be in the heart of the city.  After some more time, a moistened soil comes into play and the perfume transforms from herbal to more green.  This helps to lighten the initial radiating warmth.  What was once more comforting is now more light and joyous.  In the end, Savage Garden is just that, a wild garden full of herbs, spices and flowers that seem to transform with each step down a path.  At times, it feels more floral and then it turns more herbal.  Whatever step you take it really is a tranquil beauty of a stroll.

From the Thorn & Bloom website:

Verdant, cool and lush, this spring garden is brimming with unruly sensual delights. Creamy white narcotic blooms of Ylang Ylang andTuberose explode against a backdrop of tangled green foliage, minty herbs, damp earth and young wood. The bouquet is refreshingly vegetal, herbal, floral and earthy. Reminiscent of lilies in full bloom.

Notes: Bluegrass, Tarragon, Ylang Ylang, Tuberose, Vetiver, Orris Root, Sandalwood

garden pathWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  The perfume is named perfectly…beautiful, untamed, with a new discovery around every turn of a path.



BOTTOM LINE:  Jennifer Botto’s just launched new line of perfumes is a must for anyone who loves natural perfumes and for anyone who loves perfumes that feel like a work of art.  Each perfume in the collection is unique and stunning in their own right.  My other favorite in the line is Wild Rose.  Where I always think that I have had enough of rose based fragrances, I am once again corrected!  Jennifer’s introduction to the perfume world makes me excited as to what we’ll see of her in the future.

  • Bone Rating:  3.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Floral
  • Nose: Jennifer Botto
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Expense: $200 for 30 ml or $65 for 7.5 ml Eau de Parfum (thank you Jennifer for the smaller sizes!)
  • Available exclusively at the Thorn & Bloom website.

Samples courtesy of Thorn & Bloom.  My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Author: The Scented Hound

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5 thoughts on “New Release: Savage Garden by Thorn & Bloom

  1. Gorgeous review, Steve. This sounds lovely, although it has my nemesis, tuberose. I’m looking forward to trying this line.


    • Holly, there is tuberose in Savage Garden but I wouldn’t classify it as a tuberose scent as it definitely does not dominate by any means. It’s an earthy, herbal floral that is blended very well. I hope you get a chance to check out the full line!


  2. While I do not mind bottled perfumes’ prices, $50 for 5 1.5 ml sample + ~$8 S&H… What can I say? Good luck to them. It’ll take much more than your 3.5-bones review, Steve, to raise perfumistas’ interest 😉

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  3. Amazing review, Steve! The name matches your description and their description perfectly indeed, and I love the pic. I’m a fan of natural perfumes too so would love to try it. But Undina took the words out of my mouth.


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