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Blomma Cult by Room 1015



WHAT I SMELL:  Blomma Cult opens with a deep warm bergamot…not the typical bright bergamot, but this beautiful grounded and earthy bergamot mixed with a radiant lilac.  The perfume’s opening is very unusual and very much a temptress if there was one.  Very quickly out of the gate, there’s also a mentholated vapor that engulfs the opening; it feels as if the vapor holds an elixir that could weave a spell of hypnotic control.  And after around 10 minutes, a very subdued cinnamon develops.  I’m not a huge fan of cinnamon in fragrance…or gum, or really in anything, but here it just adds this special layer of bold beefiness to this already warmed and pulsating potion.  After another 10 minutes, the perfume begins to sweeten and soften and the perfume becomes velvety smooth.  There’s also a bit of violet tartness that projects from the mix along with some powder.  What started off as deep and beefy has turned to the beautiful powdered floral musk with hints of the original beef still lingering in the background.

From the Room 1015 website:

”Blomma Cult is a floral, sensual and bewitching fragrance built around patchouli and cashmeran. It is my olfactory perception of the 1960’s and1970’s counterculture movement with the sexual liberation and the rise of the hippie culture.”

Head: Bergamot, Lilac Heart: Cashmeran, Patchouli, Violet  Base: Cinnamon, Vanilla, White Musks

red velvet blazerWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME: A swinging 60’s red velvet blazer!



BOTTOM LINE:  Michael Partouche, or Dr. Mike as he is called, created Room 1015 to combine is love for lotions and potions with his love for music which inspired him to create this new line of perfume.  I love the concept, the website, the look and feel…and I really like Blomma Cult.  It’s different, full of energy and at the same time incredibly powdery pretty in the end.  Rock on Dr. Mike!

Sample courtesy of Twisted Lily Fragrance Boutique and Apothecary

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11 thoughts on “Blomma Cult by Room 1015

  1. Sounds quite interesting, especially THE combination of notes and beefy start. Not a fragrance I would wear though. Did you get any patchouly ?


    • The patchouli is mixed with the violet. It doesn’t scream patchouli, but it helps to sweeten the perfume. If you just look at the notes, I didn’t think this was going to be for me either. But I was pleasantly surprised 🙂


  2. I always like good surprises, they seem rarer and rarer to come by, and this sounds like it. I will look out for the line. I love the picture of a ‘swinging 60s red velvet blazer’ even if it probably doesn’t scream ‘me’. Thanks for the great review 🙂


  3. Great review, Steve! This sounds fascinating but I must admit I’m daunted by the word “beefy.” All I can come up with is some sort of carnivorous, fleshy tropical flower, like Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. I know, it’s me…
    I’m gonna check out Dr. Mike and Room 1015.


  4. I’ve never heard of this brand before and your review made me mildly curious (which is a lot nowadays 😉 ).


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