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Signature Fragrances Woody Conjure


Woody Conjure

WHAT I SMELL:  Woody Conjure’s opening is composed of this very warm, deep and intoxicating cedar.  It’s like a fine sheen of rich wood and fir.  There’s an oppulance about it as if it resides within the snow covered trees in the coldest of Russia.  After a few minutes, a light spice is added and just a hint of oud.  There’s also a buttery quality about the perfume which adds to the elegance.  As rich and handsome as this is, it remains relatively contained and I find that it’s makes for a mysterious and sexy skin scent.  After another 15 minutes a woody leather emerges which helps to make the perfume grow.  What began in the woods, has now moved to the confines of a classical and majestic winter house.  In the end, the musk becomes more prominent leaving you with this warm, woody, musky fur blanket.  The warmth and quiet power of Woody Conjure holds you captive, but with quiet resolve rather than force.  Is it groundbreaking?  No.  But it is a nice woody masculine treat.

From the Signature Fragrances website:


A fragrance that speaks richness and masculinity, the scent of a noble prince! This scent asserts a distinct woody note, yet is refined with exotic accents.

Top: Cedar, Lily

Heart: Sandalwood, Oud, Patchouli

Base: Amber, Palisander Wood, Musk

Winter PalaceWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME: The Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia


WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT WOODY CONJURE:  The Smelly Vagabond, The Perfumed Guillotine

BOTTOM LINE:  Signature Fragrances debuted this past year and all of their perfumes are composed of perfumed oil and as such, a little dab will go a long way.  Even though they are perfumed oils, the prices make these perfumes very accessible.  And adding to the beauty of the fragrances are the lovely bottles in which the perfumes come in.  Let’s face facts, a pretty bottle can make a perfume all that more special.

  • Bone Rating: 3.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent: Oriental Wood
  • Classification: Masculine
  • Expense: approximately $32 for 6 ml perfume oil from the Signature Fragrances website

Sample courtesy of Signature Fragrances.

Author: The Scented Hound

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10 thoughts on “Signature Fragrances Woody Conjure

  1. I read the name quickly and thought it said Woody Conure. Lol. The scent of small parrots? I like how my birds smell but not enough to bottle it. But alas, it’s not a bird scent. I do like perfume oils. I usually mix them with another oil and use them on my hair though.

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    • LOL. No, it does not smell like small parrots. Actually, if there were small parrots out there that naturally smelled like this I would go out and buy one. Room diffuser and pet all in one! And no wonder why you have such beautiful locks…it’s that perfume oil! xoxoxo


  2. Unfortunately, there are many from this house I can’t wait to try and this being one of them.


  3. Since I do not like oils, I’m not extremely excited about these perfumes but if I ever come across them I will give them a try. Small bottle is always better than a huge one – even if per ml the price is much higher.


  4. That is a mighty odd name, I have to say. And I speak as someone very prone to odd. 😉


  5. I’ve been wondering about their perfume oils but somehow I couldn’t put myself to try so far… I suppose because I’m not a huge fan of oils. Some of the florals sound quite attractive. 🙂


    • I have to admit the oil fragrances are not my faves as well. In fact, I received a sample of a newly release perfume from a small perfumer which was an EdP, but a very oily one and a little got on the top of my desk and ate the finish away (besides it was horrid). I hate to think what it would do to my skin!!

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