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New Release: Copal Azur by Aedes de Venustas


Copal Azur

WHAT I SMELL:  Copal Azur’s opening is wonderfully spicy, yet sparkling, like sunshine evaporating the moistness of the early day.  A salty note is mixed with a fresh pine, but the pine is not a cool weather northwest pine, but a warmer pine that feels like it’s grounded to the windswept Caribbean shore.  There’s a distinct patchouli note which is woody and light and after around 15 minutes, a creamy sweetness enters all the while an incense radiates from above.  Around the 30 minute mark, the fragrance lightens to a radiant incense with the pine, patchouli and tonka breezily anchoring the shore below.  Overall, there is a brightness about Copal Azur that’s extremely appealing.  In addition, the perfume is full of positive energy and inner warmth.  Copal Azur is a magical Mayan beauty.

From the Aedes de Venutustas website:

Mayan incense, rising from age-old temples. Lashes of sea spray and whiffs of the jungle where the jaguar lurks… Copal Azur exhales the lush, spiritual vibes of sacred Tulum.

The Muse: Copal, the Mayan incense

The vibrant hues of the Mayan Riviera filter through milky, pine-scented wreaths of burning resin.  Blue, for the Caribbean Sea and the limpid depth of the cenotes, the subterranean fresh-water pools that riddle Yucatan: a cool breeze of ozonic and salty notes.  Green, for the lush Mexican jungles: a flash of cardamom glinting in the moist, woody undergrowth of patchouli and myrrh.  White, for the purest quality of copal and the pristine beaches of Tulum: a lick of almond-scented tonka bean smoothed into creamy notes.  Amber for the Jaguar God of Terrestrial Fire – the fire that burns the sacred copal… Hypnotic, spiritual and forceful, Copal Azur might well indeed open the “Gate to Heaven”.

Tulum Mexico

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  The magic of Tulum, Mexico.

THREE ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE COPAL AZUR:  positive, sun-touched, energized

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT COPAL AZUR:  Chemist in the Bottle, Colognoisseur

BOTTOM LINE:  I guess it’s fitting after just returning from the Yucatan on vacation to complete a review on a fragrance that was inspired by a Mayan incense.  What I love about this fragrance is that as an incense perfume, the incense is subtle, like it’s lightly whipping over the cliffs of Tulum (in other words, an incense perfume for those who typically aren’t incense perfume lovers).  Copal Azur is a lovely addition to the Aedes de Venutas collection of perfumes which are each unique and wonderful in very different ways.  I can’t wait to see what their next release will be!

  • Bone Rating: 3.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent: Oriental
  • Noses:  Bertrand Duchaufour
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Expense: $245 for 100ml Eau de Parfum

Sample courtesy of Beauty Entreprise.

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12 thoughts on “New Release: Copal Azur by Aedes de Venustas

  1. I had a very different experience with it. :\ It will actually be the subject of my next review, coming out later today. I liked parts of Copal Azur a lot but…. there was a dry-cleaner note and some synthetics that I didn’t appreciate at all. The actual incense part was nice though. 🙂


  2. I have been mulling over what I think about this one – I really want to like it because it is a BD and I am currently on a serious incense kick, however, I struggled with the ozonic / incense-y opening, which may be what Kafka is alluding to with her dry-cleaner note. I also think it may well be a whole lot better on male skin, but that is just a hunch at this point.


    • Funny, I loved the opening much better than the drydown. The opening was so unique and bright which I found to be unique and different.


    • There were serious, SERIOUS ozonics on me, too, Vanessa, but not only in the opening. It was there almost throughout and it mixed with a whopping amount of Calone aquatics (so damn ’90s!) and a touch of ISO E Super to create a hard-core resemblance to the smell of my dry-cleaner. It was no fun at all, though one of my readers seemed to have an even worse experience due mainly to the Calone. He’s a guy, and had to scrub Copal Azur off his skin, so I’m not sure if male skin is the magic bullet when it comes to this one. lol


  3. I loved the opening but can’t see myself wearing it beyond that point. I would love to try it on the hubband. It smells too much like a man on me. I like masculine scents too. I really like the incense in this. It smells good but I don’t want to smell like it. Does that make any sense?


  4. First of all, welcome back from Mexico!

    You certainly liked this better than our dear Kafka; however, based on your glowing description, I am actually surprised that you gave it a 3.5 (I play a mental bone rating game whenever I read your reviews and I got it wrong this time – I’m usually pretty spot on). What would you change to make it a solid 4 bones?

    Oh, and finally, the color of the bottle is gorgeous!


    • My dear, you know me so well. When I was reading my review I was thinking that it sounded like a solid 4 myself as the praise seemed to warrant it. However, I think what held me back a bit was the drydown which is nice, but very familiar and rather non-distinctive. The opening was incredible for me… so I guess the two balanced themselves out?? Like you, I do love the bottle!


      • I also was sure it would be 4 🙂
        I haven’t tried it yet but now I’m very curious since you and Kafka (two people with whom my tastes rare coincide) had such different opinions about it.


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