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New Release: Neela Vermeire Creations Rahele


rahele“Rahele (traveller) is the newest fragrance, an ode to exotic travel, an olfactory journey in the company of 17th Century French visitors to the East.”

WHAT I SMELL:  Rahele quietly opens soft but very luxurious, with a dewy green and velvety violet, tinged with the lightest of citrus and spice.  There’s an incredible warmth that immediately draws you in.  Soon after opening, a cinnamon note moves forward making a nice balance between the florals and the lightly exotic spice.  After a few more minutes, a demure, but noticeable osmanthus comes forward.  At this point the perfume feels like a still life painting filled with the most delicate of flowers and fruit.  As the perfume continues to develop it begins to powder and dry.   Even with a projecting powder, Rahele remains incredibly subdued and meticulously blended, where no particular note stands out, but is perfection in the sum of its parts.  In the end, the lightest of leather topped by a layer of oakmoss makes this a sublime ode to French perfumery.

Notes from the Neele Vermeire Creations website:

Top Notes:  Green Mandarine, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Violet Leaf Absolute 

Heart Notes:  Osmanthus Absolute, Rose Absolute, Magnolia, Jasmine Absolute, Iris, Violet

Base Notes:  Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Leather 

17th-century-wigsWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME: What I envision a 17th Century powdered wig to smell like.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE RAHELE:  powdery, proper, engaging

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT RAHELE:  Megan in Sainte Maxime, AustralianPerfumeJunkies, CaFleureBon

BOTTOM LINE:  Rahele strays from the exotic flourishes of the other Neela Vermeire Creation perfumes in the collection, although not completely.  Rahele is all about classic french perfume and as I am a huge fan of the classics…I have to say that this might be my favorite in the collection.  But that’s like stating which of your children is your favorite…it can’t be done.

  • Bone Rating:  4.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent: Floral Woody Musk
  • Nose: Bertrand Duchaufour
  • Classification: Leans feminine
  • Expense: $235 for 60 ml eau de parfum.

Author: The Scented Hound

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13 thoughts on “New Release: Neela Vermeire Creations Rahele

  1. Glad to see that Rahele is to your liking. I totally love this one, although different notes were noticeable on my skin – especially osmanthus, rose, leather, oakmoss and rose ❤


  2. I’m so glad you reviewed this one, as I’m also such a fan of the classics. Onto the must-sample list it goes!

    I appreciate the visuals of the wigs, but my mind doesn’t summon up a pleasant odor associated with them. However, I definitely think they’re as fetching as the cat bonnets previously featured here and … pointy little ears!


  3. Sounds lovely. I adore violet notes and spice. The only thing that might put me off is that oakmoss. I do not like traditional vintage style chypres at all. I’ll try this one. I liked Bombay Bling and at one time had a bottle that I later sold. Thanks for a great review as always.


  4. I look forward to trying Rahele: so far most of NVC’s perfumes worked for me.
    I liked your review but I hope perfume doesn’t smell the way I imagine those wigs smelled in the 18th century 😉


  5. Lovely review as ever. Rahele was a grower for me and now I find it truly classically beautiful. Thanks for the link too. x


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