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pandora_present11We just got back to the States after visiting Merida, Mexico this past week.  Merida is one of the spots that we are visiting in our search for the ideal place to retire in a few years.  We’re ready for an adventure and are both drawn to Mexico.  So after hearing wonderful things about the city, we decided to take a visit.  Merida didn’t disappoint.  Without getting too much into details, Merida is the capital city in the state of Yucatan.  It was founded over 472 years ago and is city full of culture, good restaurants and wonderful people.  We met with a real estate agent and looked at various options in the central city which is comprised of colonial homes which sit flush to the sidewalk, only to reveal high ceiling grandeur with gardens in the back.  They were stunning.  We also managed to get out of the city for a bit visiting a hacienda that was unrestored but in which you could see the magnificence that once existed as well as the Mayan ruins at Uxmal which after in the past visiting other ruins rated the best as the details on the building were very well-preserved.  Both of decided that we need to go back in the fall and do some more investigation into this Yucatan jewel.  It really felt like home.

So what does this have to do with DSH’s Pandora?  Well, let’s just say that it became my Merida Mexico perfume of choice.  A few days prior to leaving for Mexico I received my order from DSH with my order of Pandora.  After reading some wonderful reviews by Kafkaesque, I wondered why I hadn’t sought DSH out before so I gave their website a spin and for some reason, was drawn towards Pandora.  Have you ever been drawn into a perfume because of its name?  I don’t believe I have in the past, but this time the name was the key!  I must do this more often, because like Merida, Pandora is a jewel.

WHAT I SMELL:  Opens with this beautiful lightly sugared suede along with this rounded deep floral mix that’s deeply soothing and strangely intoxicating and exotic.  After some time, Pandora starts to reveal its oakmoss, but without drying the fragrance too much, and as such, the otherworldly quality that gives the Pandora its mystery remains intact.  The fragrance doesn’t much morph beyond this, but what it does is radiate off your skin like a living force field that mixed with your body heat, will grow and pulse to match your warmth.

Pandora’s Notes:

Top notes: Aldehyde/Aldehydic, Bergamot, Cassis Bud, Davana, Green Peppercorn, Ozone, Pink Peppercorn, Ruby Red Fruits (botanical accord), Spice Notes, Violet Leaf Absolute.

Middle notes: Cabreuva Wood, Centifolia Rose Absolute, Green Tea Absolute, Juhi Jasmine Absolute, Linden Blossom Absolute, Orris Root, Yerba Mate Absolute.

Base notes: Ambergris Tincture, Australian Sandalwood, Cyperus, Fossilized Amber, Green Oakmoss, Mousse de Saxe no.1 (botanical accord), Muhuhu, Patchouli co2, Tonka Bean Absolute, Vanilla Absolute, Vetiver co2.

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Sexiness.  This was well suited for the warm Mexican nights and for dining al fresco at Merida’s lovely restaurants.  It made me feel alive, confident and surprisingly sexy.



BOTTOM LINE:  This is so good that the 10ml bottle that I purchase has now been reduced to around 3 remaining mls.  I must have more.  Pandora has me under her spell!  Now, I must have the parfum extrait!

  • Bone Rating: 5 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent: Chypre Floral
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Expense: $63 for 10ml EdP from the DSH Perfumes website.  It should be noted that the picture above is for the 15ml parfum extrait which sells for $227 (sorry, I couldn’t find a picture of the EdP version!)

Author: The Scented Hound

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  1. Wow! Houndy is in love! Five bones! That’s something you don’t see very often.
    Welcome back! I’m happy you had a successful trip and liked your destination. I’ve never tried Pandora but I do love the name as well. I had a dog that I named Pandora.


    • My dear Poodle…yes, the 5 bones are hard to come by, but this is heaven. I think that you really need to try this, especially since the name too holds a special place for you. This is exotic…just like you my dear 🙂


  2. How exciting to scope out Merida and feel like it’s home. The pics are stunning! Pandora sounds lovely and it will go on my must-sniff list. Thanks for another great review.


  3. Hola, amigo! Como estas? 😀 The photos are beautiful!! Yucatan is one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit. I so envy you!
    I’ve never tried Pandora but sounds like a must-try. 5 bones! I’ve always drawn to a perfume because of its name… I like the imagery it presents; though very often I get disappointed by the actual scent. Many times, the name and the juice doesn’t match.


    • Hi Magpie –

      I’m trying to think if there is something out there where the name is rich, but the perfume is not. The only thing that comes to mind off the top of my head is Chopard Casmir which sounds exotic, but just comes off as cheap vanilla to me.


  4. Now I have 2 things to put on To Do Lists – another perfume and another place to visit! We too have been scoping out places to retire to – a bit behind the ball as hubby has been retired for 2 years already – just cant seem to find The One. This looks and sounds like a good contender though. Excellent review, great pics 🙂


    • I’m curious, in the 2 years where you have looked at retiring too? Finding the “right one” is hard for sure.


      • We started off looking within the US (We live in Oregon) – Colorado, Montana, Northern California. Didn’t care for CO and the winters in Montana stopped us. NCal is still on the list. We considered and rejected: east coast – too cold/snowy in winter; south – too humid; desert – too dry/hot; Southern California and Hawaii – wonderful but too expensive. Then we moved north to Canada. Gorgeous but loooooong cold winters. A couple of islands – San Juans in particular are gorgeous – property is very spendy. Then we considered outside the US – Belize and Mexico (the Guadalajara area). We liked both of these very much, especially G where there is quite a large American retiree population. Belize is very lovely but hot and humid and tends to have tornados. As a Brit, we considered going back to the UK – maybe Cornwall or Ireland where my husbands family is originally from – it seems nice in theory but in reality I don’t think I’d want to go back.

        Having already made the transition to another country, albeit 28 years ago, I’m not sure if I’d want to do it again at this time in my life. I have a lot of really good friends here in the US and that would be extremely hard to move away from. Its funny, we’ve done a LOT of travelling over the years – hubby especially has been all over the world for his job – but we’ve always felt that Oregon is really home. So perhaps *it* is The One. I just don’t want to miss anything! Besides, its fun to explore…


        • Actually, we were thinking about eastern Washington, my husband is from Seattle originally and he said the east is the way to go. Seattle and the west would be just too rainy and damp for me. I need sun. I have never been to Oregon but heard it’s lovely…and Portland is the center of hipsterdom these days!


  5. My husband travels to Mexico once a month for work and we both love it. Merida is wonderful. So many of my friends have retired throughout Mexico and truly love it. It’s a wonderful place to live. I also purchased perfumes from DSH since the Kafkaesque reviews and I find them all very beautiful, just like Mexico. I’m so happy for you!


  6. San Miguel!! It’s wonderful. I think it may have the largest American population. Founded in 1542 by a Franciscan Monk. Beautiful colonial architecture. It’s 170 miles northwest of Mexico City. I think I may love Passport a Paris the most, but the Au Lait body lotion and oil are wonderful too. I put in another order for more products yesterday. I really love Cozumel with the turquoise beaches and lovely town center which tourists seldom go.


    • I have heard such wonderful things about San Miguel. The only downside is the location and the prices. But the climate, the people and the scenery I heard is spectacular. I have not tried Passport a Paris, but did test out Le Smoking which reminds me of my beloved Cabochard!


  7. Wow, I am seriously lemming this. 5 out of 5 bones is rare and this one must be extra special. I had just placed a DSH order with a discount code and boo hoo I did not include this. Anyway, my schemy brain is now plotting to review one of my samples so that I can get a discount!

    Visiting Mexico is on my bucket list and your description and the pictures bumped it up the list!


    • I think you would love it and the people and food are wonderful!!


    • You know what, if you contact DSH I guarantee that they’ll send you a sample of it along with your order. As for Mexico, I have never been disappointed anywhere I have gone…well, maybe except for Cancun which consists of too many high rises and Americanisms.


  8. same here Cancun was too much like South Padre for my tastes. I like it serene and quiet.


  9. Thank you so much for the amazing review of Pandora and even more for sharing your glorious Merida! I want to go there, like, right now! 🙂 I am honored and grateful to know that Pandora has stolen your heart.


  10. What a lovely post! I’ve been late in replying as it’s been a bit hectic, so please forgive me, especially given the kindness of the link love. I read your post, was struck immediately by your happy, serene, peaceful mood and then by those photos. I LOVE the pictures, and am so glad you included them. My favorite, hands down, is the fierce Mayan god! It reminds me so much of an image I saw as a child in the TinTin books, only this one is an actual photo and so much more powerful. Honestly, it’s such a fantastic shot, you need to find a way to bring it into more reviews and posts. LOL.

    Merida sounds like a lovely place, and I’m so glad you think you have have found “the one.” I’m also glad that you found a DSH perfume that speaks to you so loudly. 5 out of 5… heavens! That’s wonderful.


    • Thanks my dear. If it wasn’t for your DSH reviews I would not have ventured there…well, at least not at that time. Funny about the Mayan god picture. I took that at a Mayan chocolate museum. They performed a ritual asking for the gods to bless the harvest, etc. He would not break character and was very intense. It was fun and yes, it did make for a good pic. Actually, we had a layover in your hometown, but alas, it was so short. I did think of you when we were there though 🙂 Happy Easter!! xoxoxox


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