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Jermyn Street by Floris



WHAT I SMELL:  Jermyn Street opens with a sparking bergamot and a lightly sugared mandarin.  The opening is warm, incredibly refreshing, bright and rather formal.  Soon, the vibrant opening moves more towards a woody flatness that’s slightly herbal.   The perfume is really hard to describe at this point, but what comes to mind is a bit of chalkiness, just like the smell when you wipe down and clean a chalkboard with water.  But that evolution doesn’t last all that long as well, and instead a light sweetness moves back in.  The perfume is full of small nuances and is very restrained and proper and clean and neat.  As it continues to develop, the juniper berry gives the perfume a gin martini vibe, but one with just a dash of cream and a splash of soap.  At this point, the perfume becomes warm and comforting as the amber wraps itself around the musky woody notes.  At the same time, projection increases, but not enough to shout, but just enough to make you noticeable.

From the Floris website:

Inspired by what has been the backbone of the family business for nearly 300 years in the unique area of London that is St James’s and our home at 89 Jermyn Street, this fragrance, like its inspiration has the feel of refined elegance, understated class and style. Drawing on notes of gin with a splash of lemon, an initial burst of citrus and green notes have been blended with the theme of vetiver. The vetiver runs through the fragrance from its introduction to the base and is supported in the heart, accompanied by juniper with a contemporary twist of coriander, a subtle complement in gin creation. The fragrance also draws inspiration from the London plane trees which proudly still stand in front of the shop today, and the fresh scent of fine crisp cotton found within the renowned shirtmakers residing in the iconic location named after Henry Jermyn in 1664.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Green Vetiver, Violet
Heart Notes: Coriander, Vetiver, Armoise, Juniper Berry
Base Notes: Amber, Cedarwood, Musk, Vetiver

Best Dressed HipsterWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  The perfect perfume for the best dressed hipster.  Classic with just enough modern to make it all the perfect for an old school vibe.



BOTTOM LINE:  Jermyn Street is a proper, yet effortless perfume for the modern and classic man.  Clean and sophisticated without being stuffy, it’s an easy fit for anyone.  I love perfumes like this…even though I may not be dressed to the nines, when you spritz this on you feel like you are.

  • Bone Rating:  3.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Citrus Aromatic
  • Nose: Edward Bodenham
  • Classification: Leans masculine
  • Expense: $192 for 50 ml eau de parfum

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

17 thoughts on “Jermyn Street by Floris

  1. Gosh, another blast from the past this week: wet chalkboard!

    I doubt this would be something I could wear – juniper is not a favored note for me. Even so, I love the sound of this, and the picture you chose to illustrate it is perfect. I would love to see a thought bubble for each of these characters!


    • Do newly built schools even have chalkboards anymore? Or is it strictly whiteboards and smartboards? Can you tell that I don’t have any kids??!! LOL


      • I don’t have a clue either. I just watched a weird but informative video about smartboards (from 2009 eek!) which is another thing I didn’t know about. God, imagine what we’ll be talking about when we’re eighty – all the smells from yesteryear. No doubt someone will be marketing them momentarily. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • They still had chalkboards when my son was in school, but he’s 31 now so things could have changed. I loved the scent of chalk and erasers and wet chalkboards. Ahh, good memories!


  2. It was so unexpected how much I liked it when I tried it for the first time last week. I immediately went checking how much it’ll cost to invite it over to my place 🙂 I’m not ready to buy it yet but I’ll keep an eye on it and see if my vSO feels the same way about this perfume (I should mention that I liked it for him, not to wear myself).


  3. I am extremely anti gun.
    But the picture of the hipster with beard in the tweeds most definitely makes me want to start shooting lessons.


  4. This sounds very nice, like something I would like. How would you compare it to the classic Acqua di Parma citrus bergamot cologne scent? Thanks and I love the picture.


  5. The dude in the picture needs a bow tie, though, to be a Southern hipster. Trimmed beards and bow ties are in style in Atlanta, Birmingham and Jacksonville. Got to keep you guys up on the fashion world!


  6. Oh my…..I like the sound of this one! It appears to be a very versatile scent…office wear appropriate?


    • Howdy Veritas – Jermyn Street would make an incredible office scent. Very easy on the nose, comfortable and non-offensive with moderate projection and sillage. This would get you noticed in the office without offending anyone!


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