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New Release: Chypre 21 by Heeley Parfums


chypre-21WHAT I SMELL: Chypre 21 opens with a lovely rosemary tinged bergamot that feels clean and zesty.  The rosemary note adds a wonderfully different herbal twist to the opening of the perfume and is a lovely surprise.  Quickly, a saffron note joins in along with a bitter sour neroli.  The perfume is dry and rather woody, but quickly the perfume then moves to a light rose and patchouli.  As it develops the perfume is still dry, but has moved to a more pretty demeanor which is tinged with florals.  As the perfume continues to develop, the projection deepens and becomes more rounded but powdery.  After around the 30 minute mark, the perfume arrives at it prettiest point; it’s soft, powdery and dry, floral and completely comforting.

From the Heeley Parfums website:

An ode to Parisian chic

As from the early 20th century onwards, the chypre accord has undoubtedly been regarded as the quintessential French perfume. Chypre 21 however, is a creation for the 21st century whereby the main ingredients of a classic chypre: Bergamot, rose, patchouli, sandalwood and oak moss have been reworked to create a contemporary, unisex fragrance. The scent leaves behind a wonderful, slightly nostalgic trail with a certain air of Parisian chic that would have been familiar to the likes of Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly and of course the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Italian Bergamot . Rosemary . Petit Grain
Neroli . Bulgarian Rose . Saffron
Musk . Oak Moss . Patchouli . Sandalwood

Cozy KittyWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME: A cozy kitten.

THREE ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE CHYPRE 21: agreeable, comfortable, easy-going


BOTTOM LINE:  If you are looking for a big dose of oak moss, you probably will be disappointed.  Instead, Chypre 21 is a comforting perfume that starts off dry and powdery, but in the end turns into a nice and agreeable patchouli and musk.  Chypre 21 is an easy wear.

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10 thoughts on “New Release: Chypre 21 by Heeley Parfums

  1. It sounds very inviting, S! Love Heeley fragrances. Would normally not associate a Chypre with comforting but Who knows? Lovely review! E. the kitten


  2. HI, great review. Chypre 21 sounds very nice. I love Heeley’s work so I will try it.


  3. It sounds like a lovely Sunday fragrance. For a beautiful day of visiting with Family, close Friends, a stroll through the Park after church and dinner.


  4. I think I should try it – just in case it conjures the same kitten image for me 😉


  5. This sounds amazing. I just discovered this fragrance and have been reading any review I can find in the last half hour. I get the impression that you like Chypre 21. What rating would you give it from 1-5?

    Thank you for the review.


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