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Hiram Green Moon Bloom


Moon BloomWHAT I SMELL:  Moon Bloom opens with a lightly mentholated tuberose and heavenly sweet jasmine.  And oh what a pretty opening it is!  It’s lightly creamy and rather green as if the tuberose and jasmine are spilling over in streams of white surrounded by the lush greenery bouquet.  Incredibly hypnotic, I can’t seem to stop sniffing my wrist as I never want this incredible white floral dream of an opening to end. After around 5 minutes a spice makes its way in as the mentholated aspect of the tuberose starts to disappear.  There’s a hidden sweetness in the background like a light bubblegum which adds a small spark to this narcotic floral.   As the fragrance continues to develop, it becomes spicier, yet cooler and more tropical as the ylang ylang becomes more prominent along with a hint of coconut giving the fragrance an exotic feel.   Even with this dose of tropical, Moon Bloom never manages to go in the direction of a heavy state of pure tropics which it easily could have. Instead, the fragrance remains big, yet somehow restrained.  In the end, Moon Bloom settles into a floral spiced gauze of a fragrance.  You should note however that there is some powerful projection in play here, so a little goes a long way.

From the Hiram Green website:

Moon Bloom is a lush and elegant tuberose themed eau de parfum. Tuberose is a tropical night-blooming flower. Often referred to as ‘the mistress of the night’, tuberose is an admired theme in perfumery because of its soft and creamy but also powerful and narcotic aroma.

Moon Bloom includes generous amounts of tuberose absolute, jasmine absolute and ylang ylang. There are also notes of coconut, leafy greens and hints of tropical spices and resins.

Jean Harlow2WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Jean Harlow.  Feminine, sexy and seductive from a bygone era.

THREE ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE MOON BLOOM:  intoxicating, rapturous, narcotic

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT MOON BLOOM: NotableScents, CaFleureBon, The Silver Fox

BOTTOM LINE:  I have struggled with tuberose for years, but I think I have finally found “the one” that has allowed me to love this elusive (at least to me) white flower.  Moon Bloom is incredible.  And even more incredible is that this is perfumer Hiram Green’s debut fragrance and an all natural perfume as well. Even the bottle if simple excellence at its best.  This is talent personified.  Mr. Green will have a hard time topping this beauty which is now going on my must have list!  But there’s no hurry on the next release, as I’ll be swimming in Moon Bloom for a good long time.

  • Bone Rating: 5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent: Floral
  • Nose:  Hiram Green
  • Classification: Feminine
  • Expense: $165 for 50ml EdP

Sample courtesy of Indigo Perfumery.

Author: The Scented Hound

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24 thoughts on “Hiram Green Moon Bloom

  1. I knew you would love this one, my dearest Hound! In fact, I think I told you at the time that this would be the tuberose to get you over your fear of the note — most tuberose-haters, in fact. It’s such a spectacular fragrance, isn’t it? I think it’s even more astonishing when you consider that it is all-natural, as its sillage, body, depth, and longevity are really superb. I absolutely love it, so much so that I put it really high on my list of the very best things that I’ve tried/reviewed in the first half of this year. (And it’s way, way better than Carnal Flower, if you ask me!) Bottom line, I’m so, so happy that you fell hard for Moon Bloom. Hurrah for new tuberose loves!


    • Hey there my dear. So glad to see that you are back in circulation…we missed you. Well, I have to admit “color me surprised” when I fell hard for this beauty. The look of the bottle and the color of the juice had me lemming from the get go, But that florals are just incredible…and maybe because it’s natural the tuberose doesn’t take over and kill it. In any case, I won’t question it but just enjoy it. I really can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. xoxoxoxo to you!!!


  2. On me it was a little bit too “va-va-voom” tuberose but I really appreciate the scent. Can’t wait to see (smell?) what direction will Hiram Green go next…


  3. I am a slow tester. I ordered a travel spray of this and got distracted with the corrugated cardboard packaging. Your review makes me want to move it up on my To Try list. Heh, maybe I’ll even pick this as my indie SOTD this Friday. I just have to be careful with the possible va-va-voom effect at the office!


  4. 5 out 0f 5?
    Now I’m interested! 🙂

    Plus, it’s a tuberose. 😀


    • It sounds like you need to run and make a purchase right now! Great thing about the perfume is that they offer a 5ml travel size so if you don’t want to fully commit, you can start small 🙂 Enjoy!


  5. Tuberose is a definite minus in my book (I can’t wear a single one I tried so far) but I heard so many good things about Moon Bloom that I will probably even consider paying for a sample ; -)

    Great review!


  6. Hi there buddy,
    So much love for Moon Bloom on the scentbloggosphere. I have a sample somewhere but each time I go looking for it I am side tracked before I find it.
    Cool review as always,
    Portia xx


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  8. I’m not a big white florals person, but I am really anxious to try this. It sounds amazing!


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  12. I am so in love with this perfume! I have always wanted a scent that actually smells like the fresh tuberose and jasmine, but never could seem to find one. I gave up wearing fragrance at all for years, because I do not want to wear synthetics. I stumbled across the reviews on Moon Bloom when I was researching the Atelier perfumes, and I decided to buy the sample of Moon Bloom first. I was not disappointed. I immediately purchased the travel size and loved it so much that I soon bought the large perfume with atomizer. The atomizer is my only complaint. It does not work very well, and think I will just continue to refill my travel size atomizer which works perfectly. I hope this perfume continues to be made—others that I have loved over the years have been discontinued. Now I am curious about Shangri-La, but the patchouli listed in the base notes scares me. I will keep my fingers crossed that Hiram Green is now hard at work on a freesia-based perfume. Thanks for the wonderful and accurate review.


    • Thanks Linda. I still have not hit the trigger on a purchase of this beauty yet, but it really did turn me from being afraid of tuberose to embracing it. Shangri-La is a great sophomore effort, but it doesn’t quite live up to Moon Bloom. Thanks for stopping by!


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