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Lilac Extrait by Roja Parfums


RojaLilacExtraitWHAT I SMELL:  Lilac Extrait has a warm and enveloping opening with a quick dash of bergamot followed by this lovely peachy tinged floral which proves to be rather demure.  It’s hard to single out any one note as they all float ethereally in this radiant haze above the skin.  After around 15 minutes the soft and lovely lilac builds into this green and powdery bouquet of pure heaven.  After the 30 minute mark, Lilac Extrait really begins to project, although it’s not a shouter, and what  you’re left with is this cozy warm blanket of lilac comfort.

The Roja Parfumes website describes Lilac Extrait as “heady sweet freshness”

Lilac Extrait Notes:

TOP:  Bergamot
HEART:  Heliotrope, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Peach, Rose, Violet, Ylang Ylang
BASE:  Amyris, Benzoin, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Oakmoss, Orris, Patchouli, Peru Balsam, Sandalwood, Vanilla


WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Like a happy lamb…soft and sweet.  How can you resist such a love?

THREE ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE LILAC EXTRAIT:  comfortable, enveloping, intimate


BOTTOM LINE:  Lilac Extrait is a beautiful fragrance that is well blended and really carries lilac into comforting territory.  Is it complex and daring?  No.  But sometimes beauty is best in its simplicity.

  • Bone Rating: 4 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent: Floral
  • Classification: Feminine
  • Expense: $395 for 50ml for Parfum Extrait

Sample courtesy of Osswald Parfumerie.

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

17 thoughts on “Lilac Extrait by Roja Parfums

  1. I was so excited to try this when I won a sample. I love lilacs. You had better luck with it than I did it seems. I can barely smell anything. There’s a suggestion of something floral but I don’t smell lilacs. There’s no projection at any point for me. I’m going to try it again and see if the third time is a charm but right now there’s no bang for my buck in this one.


    • Poodle, I think it is pretty light, but not that light. Maybe you need to spritz on some more. Did you win Lily as well? I would love to know what you think about that. It wasn’t a winner for me, but Lily perfumes are a hard sell for me.


  2. I would wanna a farm as well for that price. ENP. I agree with Poodle. Kind review though!!
    Bussi. xxx


  3. ‘radiant haze’, ‘cozy warm blanket of lilac comfort’… This sounds so very lovely and worth trying, but the PRICE! I am not sure I should thank you for the beautiful review 😉


  4. Hmmm, at the Sniffapalooza breakfast, by the time we got to the Roja Doves, we must already have smelled 30+ perfumes. I don’t recall this one at all but I will certainly have a sniff when I stop by BG! Nice review!


  5. “Like a happy lamb…soft and sweet.” Yes, how can anyone resist? I so want to have a sniff but, oh, god, look at the PRICE!! I’m with CQ, want a farm as well. 🙂 Wait, I can settle for a dozen of lams.


  6. Oh I’d like to whiff this one. I’m obsessed with lilac at the moment. Have you smelt the Phaedon one? I have not, samples are a rare beast from this company. Though I’m working my way rapido through a bottle of Yves Rocher Lilas Mauve currently. It’s more of ‘fraicheur’ than a fume but it’s quite quite lovely as long as you don’t mind re-spraying every hour. Lilas Mauve cost me exactly £11.20. I don’t think I would get that sort of price at ‘Roger’s Posh Gaff’ in Harrods. The prices are truly insane, especially as the Seringa species can’t have their smell extracted in any real way. We are paying for VERY expensive synth molecules. I guess Harrods has it’s own clientelle who would be disgusted by the concept of £11 perfume!


    • I have to admit that I really am not familiar with lilac perfumes and have not tried the Phaedon. I typically don’t venture towards some notes, as lilac is one of those that seems like something for an older woman. Maybe it’s because my mother used to wear Avon Lilac which was never one that I cared for.


  7. Very sweet – that lamb definitely looks happy to be wearing Lilac Extrait – it is wearing it, right? That beatific look is a dead giveaway, surely. I love lilac in nature, haven’t really sought it out in perfumes, but you make this one sound rather tempting.


  8. I really liked this one! You’re right, it’s pretty uncomplicated, but really like walking past a lilac bush. If only the price was lower…


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