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Revamping The Scented Hound


It’s been around six months since I started blogging.  It’s been fun, a bit time-consuming and somewhat challenging.  I don’t consider myself a writer.  I have never been someone who longed to write the great American novel.  I guess this just gives me an outlet for my small percentage of creativity.  However, in reading other blogs since I have noted that there is a wide spectrum of writing styles.  Some are full of a great deal of personality, some are artistic, some are intellectual, some are just factual.  Where do I fit in?  I can tell you this, my Midwestern roots really come out in my posts.  They are no-frills, to the point and anything but lofty.  I grew up in a  “just give me the facts and forget the fluff” world and I believe that shows.  In fact, I can appreciate creative writing, but to be honest I get a bit tired of some posts cause they go on and on waxing poetically.  I was thinking about this and my mood towards some posts are like the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy pretends to be the Maharincess of Franistan and she tires of the Ricky’s bowing and singing.  Her hand gesture is priceless.  But I digress…I’m sure many people think the same of my posts and that’s just fine with me.  That’s what I love about the blogging world, there is something for everybody.

In looking back at the last six months, one of the problems that I see in my reviews is that they are all starting to sound the same.  I believe the largest reason for this is because of my un-educated nose. I can’t really discern what each note smells like and that is a big frustration.  Additionally, I find that translating what my nose smells to a descriptor can be really difficult.  But the fact that I’m not a writer, nor a fragrance expert is not going to deter me. I do have a nose and I know how to use it, so I am going to try something new in the way that I approach my reviews.  I like order, so I’m going to be much more orderly and uniform with my content.  Starting with my next post I’m going to break up the reviews in the following sections:

  1. What I Smell – Notes
  2. What it Smells Like – This could be anything from petroleum to sunshine
  3. Three Adjectives to Describe the Fragrance
  4. Bone Rating

We’ll see how this goes.  If this doesn’t work well, then another re-vamp will be on its way in the near future.  But again, that’s the great thing about the blogging world, you can change and modify at your hearts whim!  Thanks for stopping by!

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

8 thoughts on “Revamping The Scented Hound

  1. Isn’t it a little too early for a genre crisis? You are so young! (in the blog-years) 🙂
    Just keep writing in whatever form you want – as long as you enjoy doing that.


  2. Oh Undina – always criticising us bloggers when we realise we are growing – you can grow in a matter of months when you work on something so hard every day. You said those words to me when I said I’d matured in my writing.
    Anyway, sounds like a great order Steve – your personality does come through – you’re charming!
    I guess I fit into the often over-written-getting-boring-towards-the-end kind of stuff 😛
    I go overboard some times, and some are very blunt, I think my styles a bit of a mishmash.
    Ah well.
    Keep doing what your doing man, always reading 🙂


  3. You guys make me smile. Hell, the reason that I am switching things up is that I’m bored with what I’m writing and if I’m bored then I can only imagine how others feel. But I appreciate both of your support. It’s nice to know that I’m still young in some circles. 🙂 xoxoxoxo Steve


  4. I like your stuff Steve. Glad you are making it more fun for you though, in the end you are the one who has to enjoy it. I’ve never been bored by one of your posts yet,
    Portia xx


  5. Hello,Scented Hound,Keep it Simple,and enjoy yourself in everything you do.write how and what you matter Saff will continue to read…i have 6 months to catch up on…i’ll pop up for air in September lol
    ohhh amd “midwesterners’ have gorgeous accents


    • Thanks Sally-Anne, I appreciate the kinds words. As for the midwestern accent, I have not lived in Minnesota for about 25 years so mine has dissipated somewhat. However, both my sister and parents live in Fargo and yes, they do sound like they are from the movie. When I go to visit after a few days with them, I sound like that too. It all comes back. You betcha! 🙂


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