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Mary Kay and the Sick Puppy


From my last post, you’ll note that I had a wonderful weekend cleaning up from a storm on Friday.  Well, to top the weekend off, I found that the office was closed so I got another day off.  Yippeee!!!  Not so fast.  The gods have made sure that I don’t enjoy the day off by giving me a doozy of a summer cold or flu or something of that sort.  In other words, I feel like crap.  I’m never sick, so like most men, I am basically a huge baby.

At the same time, my husband has a week-long conference that he has to work at.  In all around 10 days straight.  Poor thing, he has it worse than I do.  At yesterday’s conference, he spoke to a senior rep with Mary Kay cosmetics who provided him with a few samples of their men’s colognes.  So with stuffed nosed, I’m going to try to give some quick reviews of these fragrances.

MK High Intensity:  MKHI goes on fresh and spicy.  It’s almost aquatic in its initial presence.  The scent then quickly moves into a woody tea scent.  And finally, it morphs into almost a vanilla amber scent.  The end result is very nice.  MKHI is a little complex while staying safe and comfortable.  Good for work or for a night out.

From the Mary Kay website:  This irresistible men’s fragrance is an ambery oriental with intriguing top notes of icy black fennel and silver sage heightened by crushed coffee beans. The fragrance demands attention with notes of living dianthus, Darjeeling black tea and dreamy violet leaves. Royal king wood, a Mary Kay exclusive, adds rich intensity to this men’s cologne.

Domain:  This scent is very linear.  From the website it says the ingredients are lavender and oakmoss.  To me this is a bit synthetic.  I believe it’s targeted to the older man.  I can see that.  However, it is missing a bit of oomph which would have been nice to make this more commanding.

Velocity:  As Domain was targeted to the older crowd, Velocity is obviously targeted to the younger and more sporty crowd.  Off the bat, Velocity has a rush of citrus and fresh green.   It’s sharp and invigorating and I could see this being easy to wear.  Notes for Velocity aren’t listed on the Mary Kay website.

In all, for the price point (nothing over $38 for 2.5oz), I think that these Mary Kay men’s fragrances are a decent bet.  Out of the three, I rank MKHI the best, with Velocity and Domain coming in next in that order.

Let’s hope giving these 3 colognes a sniff will help to get my nose feeling better. I hate being a sick puppy!

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

3 thoughts on “Mary Kay and the Sick Puppy

  1. Sending you Pumpkin Soup thoughts. Get well.
    Portia xx


  2. Reviewing Mary Kay perfumes? Clearly, you are not feeling well 😉
    Get better soon!


  3. Thanks for the get well wishes. Just note, I will not waste any free samples no matter where they come from 🙂


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