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Yes Virginia, there ARE plenty of vintage perfume lovers out there!


March15Once again, I found an estate sale up in Maryland where there was going to be some upscale perfumes for sale.  As the sale was to start on Saturday morning at 8am and they were taking numbers for first in the door starting at 7am, I made sure that I was up early to head 30 miles away to stand out in the dark to get one of the first numbers.  To my surprise, my hubby wanted to come with me (getting up at 5:30am…I think my crazed madness for this all provides some amusement to him) and we were standing at the door at 6:45.  You think that I would have been number 1, but instead my number was 9.  The people in front of me seemed to be pretty innocuous and I was hoping that they were.  My hubby for the past week was asking why we needed to be there early because who want to buy old perfume?  He probably was right, no one but me.

So 8am sharp the door opens and who wants to buy perfume?  Everyone wants to buy perfume.  There was a mad dash by 4 people in front of me and they were hogging the space getting first grabs (OK, they were first so they got first dibs, but from my vantage point…well, you know).  In any case, I ended up getting some sweet items, but what I really wanted was the unopened vintage Magie Noire’s, which there were 2 parfum extraits.  I had to settle for the 7.5ml used version with the missing top.  But for $5, who cares.

So what else did I get?  A 7.5ml bottle of vintage Molinard de Molinard parfum extrait in a Lalique bottle that was still in its cellophane.  It is a beautiful gem of a bottle and I love the juice, all smokey and leathery in the beginning, only to turn into a light fruity breeze in the end.  I am more of a Habinita fan, but I love this little jewel.

I also got a 7.5ml bottle of vintage Lagerfeld, KL parfum extrait.  Again, still in the cellophane.  Deep rich and rather manly, I have the feeling that I’ll be wearing this alot.

And then there’s the 30ml bottle and 7.5ml bottle of Guerlain Samsara parfum extrait.  I only had a tiny bottle of vintage Samsara EdP as part of my collection, so this was a real treat.  And to be honest, I don’t need the 7.5ml bottle, so if anyone in the US is interested, I may be willing to part with it.  Just drop me a line.  Funny, I was able to check the codes to see what year they are from and both are from 1989.  However, the large box has no bar code and the small box does, so it’s right in that period where bar codes started coming into existence.

Overall, I’m glad I got up early to get to the sale.  But since I now know that there are other vintage perfume hunters out there, I’ll make sure that I get there at 6:30 next time rather than 6:45!

And I need your help on naming some perfumes.  The following photos are for a sale coming up right around the corner in a couple of weeks.  I believe the yellow box is L’Air du Temps but can anyone identify what else is on the table?Alexsalealexsale2

Author: The Scented Hound

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26 thoughts on “Yes Virginia, there ARE plenty of vintage perfume lovers out there!

  1. Congrats on your buys!
    I think I see a small bottle of Cinnabar from Estée Lauder as well as a bottle of White Linen and some other EL purse sprays. Maybe a bottle of Beautiful. Definitely L’air du Temps. There a Guerlain box in the back. I know I’ve seen one of the others but can’t recall what it is.


  2. Wow, I am quite jealous of the 30ml samsara. That’s a great find! How do you find out about these kinds of estate sales?


  3. I’m speechless! I mean, you got up on a weekend early enough to be somewhere at 8 a.m. and that “somewhere” wasn’t an airport! The only perfume for which I’d do anything like that is my beloved Climat by Lancome but I don’t think it can be found any longer.

    Congratulations on your findings.


    • Trust me my dear, your beloved Climat is out there. If I ever run into it I’ll remember that! Yes, I know, it’s rather pitiful, but to be honest I am an early riser and even on the weekends, sleeping to 6:30 would just throw me off. Yes, I’m turning into my father!


      • 6:30?!! (faints)
        I don’t feel right if I have to get up before 8:30 (on work days). And I don’t think I ever wake up before 9 (but usually it’s closer to 10) on weekends. Even Rusty knows not to disturb us on weekends! 🙂


  4. OH, my, odd, reading this on my laptop, suddenly I was overcome with something soft, scented, powdery, beautifil….can it be true? Yes, I think so! I am picking up on what you experienced and loving it! How wonderful for you to come across this sale


    • Judith, I keep telling myself that I have too much stuff in the house and I don’t need to bring anymore into it. However, my logic is that these vintage perfumes take up so little space, why not? I think these finds are rare to come by, but when they do, I’ll try to be there! Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Sounds like a nice haul for a vintage perfume lover. Glad you’re satisfied with your purchases.
    I would’ve never expected people might almost “fight” over a bottle of an old perfume.


    • There was so much of a fight, but lots of grabbing. I felt like one of those old movies where there were a lot of women grabbing items that are on table marked “Sale”. It was rather comical. Actually, I must have been a pretty good grabber as I think I did pretty well.


  6. 5:30 in the morning… My conscious mind doesn’t exist in that kind of an ungodly hour 😀 BTW, one of the red boxes in the pic might be Eau My Sin by Lanvin. Happy hunting 🙂


  7. Yes, the 2 yellow boxes are L’Air du Temps. I also see a couple of Estee Lauders on the left front and I think Red Door. I also think the grey box looks like a Paco Rabanne.
    Oh yes – estate sales can get brutal. I’ve been doing them as a business for several years now and its amazing. There’s all sorts of rules and etiquette that have to be observed. I’m surprised that there were so few people there just 15 minutes short of number time – there would be at least 25 here. Yesterday for example, a sale started at 9am and we were there at 5am. (It seems mental even as I write it, but when you do it as a business its a necessary evil). Within 10 minutes, people started arriving. Within an hour there was about 50. Granted this was not all about perfume – it was a glass dealer who had passed away – but this is pretty typical of most sales. And as far as perfume goes here, I have two arch rivals (I call them my “nemeses”!!) and its basically a case of which of us is daft enough to get up the earliest. If we’re next to each other in line which has happened on occasion, then its a race to get to them first and literally who can then grab them quickest. (This is sounding more and more weird lol!)
    I’ve seen people argue about stuff, I’ve had stuff grabbed out of my hand. One woman even stuck a sold sticker on an item I was holding and examining, shouting out “SOLD to me!!” Its like Black Friday every weekend. In spite of all this apparent horror though, its mostly a lot of fun. Hunting at “digger sales” for treasures, meeting up with like minded people (well, most of them) and discovering that rare bottle of Guerlain Atuana (my best find) is all worth it.


    • So what happened after the woman put a sold sticker on your stuff?


      • I told her that I would willingly sell it to her for twice the price I was about to pay for it. When she declined I took her sticker off and said “you’ll be wanting this back then.”


        • I LOVE it! What spunk! I have never been to an estate sale. Do you have to bring your own colored stickers or do the estate sale managers give you a set with your color/number so you can stake claim?

          Houndy…I hope you don’t mind this exchange 😉


          • You take your own stickers – plain, with your name written on them. Ive never done it as I’m only interested in what’s known as “smalls” – perfumes, bottles, teacups, glassware and small such items, which normally you can just pick up and put in your basket. stickers are usually used for stuff like furniture and larger items. But this woman was slapping them on everything she could get her hands on.
            (Yes thank you Houndy for letting us gossip :-/ )


          • Good lord no. I’m learning here myself.


    • Wow, sounds like you have it down. I have to say that it is fun. I’ll do it just as long as I don’t get to the point of being a hoarder and start buying things at sales that I have no intention of wanting or needing, like old packs of ribbon, toys, or any other bits of torn and tattered items!


  8. Congrats on your finds! I need to check out that website! Thanks for the tip!


  9. You lucky Hound! Good hunt though. I would also go for Samsara.


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