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The Dilemma – 15% off


For all of us who love fragrances, the ultimate dilemma is whether we should or should not spend our hard-earned money on purchasing new scents when we already have an extensive collection that could last us for a lifetime.  But when we find out that one of our favorite retailers of high-end fragrances has a 15% off online promotional code, the tug of war really comes to the surface.  I found out that MiN New York presently has a 15% off promotional code that as far as I know, has no expiration date.  So that means it could be good for one day or one month.  In looking at the store’s online selections I am wringing my hands trying to decide of I should purchase a 50 ml bottle of Penhaligon’s LP No. 9.  Now, I haven’t ever sampled this fragrance and have only read reviews, but sometimes it’s just fun to purchase something sight unseen.  In the past when I have done this I’ve been happy with my purchases, with a few exceptions. Of course there is more to this story.  As I hadn’t added anything to my collection since Valentines Day (ok, I know that was only 3 weeks ago… but that was a gift), after sampling Ambra Nera by Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561, I found that I was craving this fragrance so much that I went ahead and purchased a full bottle.  As I type this, it’s on the UPS truck making its way across the country.  So do I really need another purchase?  No.  Do I really want to make another purchase?  Yes.  Should I make another purchase?????  Thoughts?

MiN New York website.  Use promotional code:  BROS

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7 thoughts on “The Dilemma – 15% off

  1. I’m always tempted with some very nice web offers of the scents I would like to have but I don’t actually love them so much I woudl need to buy them. I constantly tell to myself to save money for something I really, really love. But that is most of the times expensive perfumes and as I’m short with money and things aren’t looking to get a lot better in EURo lands I buy only samples. But if I could afford it I would buy anything I like ;-). I have enough perfume for a lifetime but there is always a place for another one. Always.


    • I’m going to give it until tomorrow, Sunday, to make up my mind. But the karma gods are not leaning in my favor. Last night we went to a play, parked in the wrong place and got towed. So at midnight, we were trudging down to some dark and forsaken part of town to pick up the car… all that for $125, the cost of a nice bottle of perfume!


  2. So, did you end up buying anything or not?

    I couldn’t resist that discount and now I’m a proud owner of the bottle of Tauer’s Une Rose Vermeille (ok, a partial bottle, since I agreed to split it with a couple of friends).


    • No, I didn’t buy anything yet. But I keep checking to see if the discount is still available and it is. I think an Etat Libre d’Orange scent my be in my future. Any suggestions?


      • Yes!!! I have a suggestion! 🙂

        Unless you’re asking about which samples from this line to buy (that 15% works for their 5 samples for $10 as well), don’t buy anything! It’s a completely wrong approach to buy any FB of any perfume which you’re not just dying to have in your collection. There are so many great perfumes, there should be some you’ve tried, liked but thought they were too expensive. Save any amount of money you thought of spending now and later buy that Great but Too Expensive one! (Sorry, I realize that you probably know all that yourself but I just can’t help trying to stop a fellow-perfumista from making a mistake 😉 ).

        I have complicated relationships with Etat Libre d’Orange: I find some of their perfume names beyond the line of a good joke (and taste) so I wasn’t too eager to try them. Those that I did try – Archives 69, Fat Electrician, Putain des Palaces and Like This – I liked but I won’t be caught dead wearing Fat Electrician or Hotel Slut. So these (and some other) names tainted this brand for me. I think I’d like to try Jasmine et Cigarette and Noel au Balcon (I read positive reviews) but because my attitude towards this brand I’m not willing to pay for the samples.

        I bet it’s more than you bargained for when you asked your innocent question 😉


        • Trust me. I love your honesty. And yes, I suffer from the compulsion to want to go FB all the time. I love to sample, but something about the bottle adds to the thrill. Will be doing a review on a sample of Je Suis en Homme which i am digging, but again, not sure if it’s FB worthy. And please, don’t feel like you ever need to mince words. I love direct talk!


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