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The Dilemma – 15% off

For all of us who love fragrances, the ultimate dilemma is whether we should or should not spend our hard-earned money on purchasing new scents when we already have an extensive collection that could last us for a lifetime.  But when we find out that one of our favorite retailers of high-end fragrances has a 15% off online promotional code, the tug of war really comes to the surface.  I found out that MiN New York presently has a 15% off promotional code that as far as I know, has no expiration date.  So that means it could be good for one day or one month.  In looking at the store’s online selections I am wringing my hands trying to decide of I should purchase a 50 ml bottle of Penhaligon’s LP No. 9.  Now, I haven’t ever sampled this fragrance and have only read reviews, but sometimes it’s just fun to purchase something sight unseen.  In the past when I have done this I’ve been happy with my purchases, with a few exceptions. Of course there is more to this story.  As I hadn’t added anything to my collection since Valentines Day (ok, I know that was only 3 weeks ago… but that was a gift), after sampling Ambra Nera by Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561, I found that I was craving this fragrance so much that I went ahead and purchased a full bottle.  As I type this, it’s on the UPS truck making its way across the country.  So do I really need another purchase?  No.  Do I really want to make another purchase?  Yes.  Should I make another purchase?????  Thoughts?

MiN New York website.  Use promotional code:  BROS