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Armani Prive’ Ambre Soie by Armani


You will notice that I have been reviewing a lot of amber scents as of late.  Last month, I ordered a Men’s Amber sample pack from The Perfumed Court.  If you’re not familiar with them, they offer decant service on an incredible variety of fragrances, including hard to find ones.  But I digress.  One of the samples that was part of this group was Ambre Soie.  I was very excited to try this and found that I wasn’t disappointed.  I found this to be an incredibly luxurious scent.  Upon application, I was first greeted with a beautiful combination of ginger, pepper and spices.  It then moved on to a lovely creamy and ethereal amber and patchouli. Ambre Soie is a very calming and elegant fragrance.  I just wish I had more than what I have in my small vial.  I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to spray this gem on!

From the Giorgio Armani Beauty website:

Amber’s voluptuousness and depth appealed to Giorgio Armani. He re-interpreted this rare olfactive essence using the light of wood and eastern spices. It is a blend of Cinnamon and Clove, a hint of Ginger which rustles on the waves of Patchouli. The light touch of spices and liquorice wood venture deliciously into the amber. More weighty: Artist and magician, Giorgio Armani transforms the amber into a golden fluid, silky and smooth, revealing the skin, the ultimate elegance of exposure. The top, inspired by the most sumptuous amber stone reveals its transparency with golden, coppery tones. Its warmth echoing its sensual and radiant energy.

  • Bone Rating:   4 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent:  Oriental
  • Classification:  Unisex
  • Expense:   Expensive – $200 for 100ml

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3 thoughts on “Armani Prive’ Ambre Soie by Armani

  1. This is a good amber for sure. I love the anise note that runs through it, although the slight clove puts me off (hate the stuff and it always comes forward on my skin).
    Have you tried anything else in this line?
    I really like Cuir Amethyste, it’s a bit on the fem side, but its really fizzy violets and citrus with suede underneath, it smells like sherbert!
    A lot of people rate Bois D’Encens highly too, but there’s some strange notes I don’t get on with in there, have never gave it a proper wearing though.


  2. F – this is my first foray into the Prive line. I would be curious to see what the offerings are like. It seems like these are a hard purchase to make (besides price), unless I’m not looking in the right place. I can’t see where you can buy this in the US online and instead only at Armani boutiques…thus hard to get a hold of.


    • Ah theyre quite easy to find here, my local Selfridges store has the line so I’ve got to try a few. Tried Oud Royal the other day, found it very boring though.
      But yeh some of their prices are hefty, not as much as say, Tom Fords private line though.


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