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Really??! A Twisted Perfume Shopping Tale


I know it’s right after the holidays and it’s the beginning of the year and I wondered if I should make a posting that is somewhat negative, but what the heck, it’s an interesting story…well, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

We have our yearly appraisals at work in December.  I found myself surprised that I was to receive a small bonus (yes, federal workers can get bonuses, but not large ones mind you) and decided that as a special treat to myself I would go ahead and purchase a small EdP version of 24 Faubourg by Hermes.  Years ago, my hub bought this as a present for a friend and I have loved it from the first day I smelled it.  Yes, it’s very feminine, but damn it… I like it too!

As it is more of a mainstream perfume, I trolled the web perfume site to find the best price.  Now, most of the sites only had the EdT versions for sale, but I found a couple that had the 50ml EdP versions as well.  I won’t name the site, but in addition to the good price, they had an additional 10% off coupon code and free shipping.  Great…I’m in!

Three days later I receive my little treasure.  When I open the box, the box the perfume in was a bit worn, but I thought, so what, maybe it just got damaged en route.  I then open the box only to find that it was missing almost 1/4 of the juice.  I could tell immediately that it had not leaked, because the package nor the bottle were wet.  It was just used.


The Offending Bottle

I receive the bottle on Christmas Eve, so I called the company on the day after Christmas and told them of the situation and sent the picture to the right.  They nicely apologized and said that I could return the perfume but that they wouldn’t be able to replace it as they didn’t have any more in stock.  I asked about possibly getting the bottle for a reduced price thinking that they might give it to me for 50% off which would have been fine.

The customer service representative came back and said they could give me an additional 5% off.  I told her that at least 25% of the fragrance is missing, why would they only give me 5% off?  She said that I had already received 10% off of the purchase when I ordered it.  I explained that 10% off was for the full bottle purchase, so in essence you would only be giving me 5% off a bottle that was 25% missing or 15% off a non-discounted full bottle for 25% missing!  I asked to speak to her supervisor.  She went away and came back (sans supervisor) and said that all they could offer me was either an additional 5% off or I could return the perfume for a refund.  I was flabbergasted.  Here they would want me to ship something back (at their cost) that they could not sell instead of giving me a decent price for a used bottle and still make some money!


I shipped the bottle back and was credited the full amount.  I still don’t own 24 Faubourg.  Maybe I wasn’t meant to own a bottle?

Oh, what the heck, the company in question is

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23 thoughts on “Really??! A Twisted Perfume Shopping Tale

  1. I’m truly sorry for the terrible experience (not to mention the loss of 24 Faubourg, one of my all-time favorite scents, as I think I’ve mentioned before) but I’m *very* glad you named names. Sometimes, as a consumer, it’s our only option or leverage against giant companies who really don’t give a flying crap, make no effort or fail to act professionally. The customer service here was utterly appalling. For their OWN sake and future profitability, they need to know when things like this occur as it’s simply unacceptable, particularly in today’s consumer world where are there so many options. Also, if I might add, I think you were COMPLETELY reasonable in your requests given the state of the bottle!

    Mr. Hound, would you like me to try to see if I can spray some of my vintage 24 Faubourg into some sort of tiny bottle for you? I can try to use a small kitchen funnel of sorts and get a little bit in for you to try. Obviously, it will never solve the ultimate problem and you still won’t have your own bottle, but at least you can have a day with the vintage in all its glory? Let me know. I would be more than happy to try, chéri. 🙂 Gros bisous. xoxoxo


  2. I’m glad you told us the name of the company. That’s atrocious!


  3. I bet they thought you were trying to scam them. But still, if you didn’t have a history of trying to get discounts from them then they should have given you the benefit of the doubt. You’ll get a bottle someday.


    • P – I have ordered from them in the past without problem, maybe 2 or 3 times and as I was as nice as could be on the phone with them and the girl was just as nice, but young and inexperienced. It really ticked me though when I asked to speak to a supervisor and was ignored. I’m just glad I was refunded my money!


  4. I am shocked and dismayed at what happened to you. Obviously they don’t count your satisfaction as primary or for that matter anyone elses. I am glad you posted the name of this company. I for one will keep clear of their site.


  5. YAY! They are OVAH!!
    Go get it from Hermes, it will cost more but the service is SO worth it.
    Portia xx


  6. Appalling!
    But I hope you still get 24 Faubourg – such a great perfume!


  7. It’s a very strange situation, especially taking into the account that you’ve bought from them before. Oh well. It wasn’t your bottle.


  8. I’m really sorry for this situation Steve. What unreliable firm was carrying that website. 24 Faubourg is such a nice orange blossom perfume. And how could they send you a bottle that was used. You wouldn’t even have an ability to call it “your own” since someone use 1/4 of it.
    Hope you’ll be able to get it soon!


  9. That’s horrible! I’m glad you got your full refund and also did not have to pay return shipping as that would just add insult to injury.

    I am the proud mama of a 50mL EDP bottle so if you want a decant freebie, just email me. My bottle had an auspicious origin in that I bought it as a gift for a friend’s mother’s 80th birthday…then a little bird told me that she likes to shop at Macy’s (I guess it was the little bird’s way of telling me to let her pick her own perfume!) and so rather than returning the bottle to the Hermes boutique, I kept it for myself, got my friend’s mom a gift card and both of us were very happy with how things turned out 🙂


    • That’s a great story. Glad you didn’t pick out something horrible and old lady like which you wouldn’t have wanted for yourself! No worries, I have a small decant to tide me through to my purchase.


  10. That is not only appalling customer service, it was also completely illogical! What a waste of shipping since it probably cost more in shipping than to let you keep it with an additional 5% off! and what will they do with an obviously used bottle? Sell it again? Ridiculous.


  11. Thank you for this post and for telling us the company. It’s another one that I won’t purchase from. I’m glad they refunded you the money, hopefully they will have the logic to not cycle the returned bottle back into their stock.


  12. It is beyond me why a retailer will resale a used bottle without a disclaimer, isn’t that false advertising? They have just ruined their reputation if they even had one to begin with. Oh well. LOL


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