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The Love of Fragrance Runs in the Family


Something dawned on me this morning; I’m not the only fragrance lover in the family.  My senior citizen princess (no, make that queen) of the house is obsessive about her one and only beloved scent….Bounce.  No, that’s not a perfume, it’s a scented dryer sheet.  Francesca can’t get enough of the sweet and powdery baby fresh scent of the fabric sheets.

Now if you have an animal, you’ll know that each one of them has their own set of quirks.  Francie has 2 loves; treats and Bounce.  I’m not quite sure when we first noticed this, but when doing laundry if you don’t fold and put away the contents of the basket right away, you’ll find the tattered remains of a Bounce sheet somewhere outside the vicinity of the basket.  The other thing that you notice is that when you pick her up, she smells like fresh laundry.  I have seen her joyous roll around on the used sheet a few times.  She’s in heaven and I’m sure for her it’s better than catnip.  Most of the time though her raptured joy of the Bounce roll is reserved as a very private occasion.  It’s only when she comes and sits on your lap that you instantly recognize that she’s been refreshing herself with her favorite fragrance.

At least her fragrance obsession isn’t as expensive as mine.

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5 thoughts on “The Love of Fragrance Runs in the Family

  1. Ha, ha lovely. Most of cats love fresh loundry. My cat one slept over in my closet for the whole night in a basket of fresh loundry and I didn’t even know that. In the morning she wanted to open the door. I was little and scared like hell.


  2. What a great story! 🙂 (and a beautiful cat)

    I do not use dryer sheets since I prefer my clothes to be as scentless as possible. But I know that my cat isn’t impartial to perfumes (and not only in the form of introducing himself into all my photo shoots). If you want/have time take a look at my Perfume Purrfect? story.


    • I love your story!!! Rusty is such a sweet looking boy. I’m glad to hear that your made a perfect permanent home for him. All 3 of ours are rescues as well. Francie, the Bounce girl is a pretty Siamese. The picture I have on the post is a couple years old. She is now a senior citizen and becoming a bit frail. She is sans her claws and when we adopted her she had been left out for months outside. We have in the last year found that she is suffering from arthritis, due to what seems to be an unset hip fracture most likely from being hit by a car. She is our love bug and we hate to see her in pain. So, if it’s Bounce and treats she wants. That’s what she’ll get. Blah, blah, blah. I could talk about my cats all day. I am in fear that some day down the road I will turn into the Simpson’s crazy cat lady!


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