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Parfum d’Empire’s Azemour les Orangers and Eau Suave – Lots to Love


I am officially declaring my love for the Parfum d’Empire fragrances.  It started with my receipt of the complete line of the Parfum d’Empire sample collection a while back.  If you haven’t checked this out yet, they offer their full line at an incredibly reasonable cost on their website.  If it wasn’t for having those samples here, I would not be making this declaration today.  For those of you in the business, please note that offering samples at a low cost will entice perfume lovers like myself to buy your samples – which then will lead to full bottle purchases!

OK, let me first start by saying that summer has officially come to Washington DC.  For the last 3 days, it has been up in the 90s and incredibly humid.  And since it hasn’t been this warm since last summer, my body still has not acclimated to the weather.  Luckily I had my new summer fragrance purchase, Iskander which I used generously for a couple of days.  A fresh shower + a spritz of Iskander = perfection..almost like the perfect ice-cube for your perfect summer cocktail.

As I completed my yard work and decided to get some work done cleaning up my office,  I started going through my mess of samples and thought that Parfum d’ Empire’s Azemour les Orangers sounded like a nice summer companion to Iskander.  I was right, another great summer fit.

The bottom line is this; Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has created some of the most luxurious and wearable scents that I have found.  There’s something for everybody and what I have noticed is that his fragrances will take me out of my comfort zones in what I like.  I’m not a fan of leather scents, but I love Cuir Ottoman.  I would have never guessed that I would like a scent like Fougere Bengale and its curried spiciness.  And then I fell in love with Eau Suave, a fragrance meant for women.   So far I have either liked or loved all of the Parfum d’ Empire scents.  I have to tell you, when the next Parfum d’Empire fragrance launches, I’ll be one of the first to grab up a sample.  Now, on to my new loves:

Azemour les Orangers

Azemour les Orangers’ opening is like peeling a sweet and juicy orange.  One that when you peel it back the zesty spray of the juice flies up in the air and hits you in the face.  It’s what you crave on a hot summer day when basking out in the sun all day.  But wait, as refreshing as the opening is, Azemour les Orangers then twists and turns with hints of coriander and a luscious oaky moss.  This is a beautiful summer scent that doesn’t just bask in its freshness.  It’s like a garden.  You walk down a path to discover the various fruits, flowers, herbs and other delights along the way.  If there was only one wish that I could make for this scent is that the longevity and sillage were a little bit better.  In any case, I don’t mind spritzing myself with this lovely fragrance throughout the day.  This is a scent for both sexes and it wears this role well.  Azemour les Orangers is going on my wishlist (the way my wishlists go, that means I’ll be owning a bottle soon :))

Azemour les Orangers Notes:

orange, clementine, tangerine, grapefruit, coriander, cumin, black pepper, pink pepper, blackcurrant, galbanum, neroli, geranium, orange blossom, rose, hay, moss, henna and cypres

  • Bone Rating:   4 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent:  Fruity Chypre
  • Classification:  Unisex
  • Expense:  $75 for 50ml EDP

Eau Suave

Sometimes in the world of fragrance, the words masculine and feminine are just that…words.  Eau Suave is marketed to women.  I don’t care.  I love it.  I crave it.  This all started when I was thinking about all of the samples that I have that are meant for women.  What should I do with them?  Give them away?  Trade them?  Then one night I thought, hell, why don’t I just spritz some on before I go to bed.  A lovely feminine fragrance would be just fine for bedtime.  Eau Suave was the first feminine scent that I tried this new practice with.  And I fell, and fell hard. Eau Sauve is a lovely warm and intoxicating rose chypre scent.  It’s never too sweet and never too rosy.  In fact, I think floral, not roses when I put this on.  This fragrance has just enough coriander and musk to help avoid a heavy and sweet floral composition.  A subtle spiciness and warmth, combined with the floral and berry ingredients make this a very personal and enveloping fragrance.  Every time I lift my wrist to my nose, I always find a new surprise.  Made for a woman…but I like it too.  So much so that it’s on my wishlist and we know what that means!

Eau Suave Notes:

pepper, coriander, saffron, Rose de Malmaison, apricot, raspberry, peach, vanilla and musk

  • Bone Rating:   5 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent:  Floral Chypre
  • Classification:  Feminine
  • Expense:  $75 for 50ml EDP

Author: The Scented Hound

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22 thoughts on “Parfum d’Empire’s Azemour les Orangers and Eau Suave – Lots to Love

  1. You’ve sent me back to my sample set. HAH! Lemming like crazy here,
    Portia xx


  2. I’ve heard so much good about Azemour I have to give it a try.


  3. Thanks for the heads up on that Parfum d’Empire sample collection. I didn’t know it existed until now. Oh, my wallet is going to be in trouble! 🙂


  4. This type of positive reviews are my favorite! It’s so great when perfumistas write about perfumes they love. Not just appreciate, like or find interesting but actually love.

    I’ve been looking at that sample set for a while now and was even thinking about breaking my samples buying moratorium for this one. But I already have 3 samples, two of which I consider a FB worth… So, I’m not sure if I should do it now or not. Maybe I’ll wait until I decide to buy a FB and get samples from Luckyscent. But it’s very tempting, especially after reviews such as yours 🙂


    • It is fun to write about something that you love. And as you know, it’s amazing how some scents you just crave like a favorite food. I wish there were most scents that I felt like that about. But like looking for Prince Charming, you will run into some frogs along the way. My next review is a frog. I hate that.


  5. This is a great post it made me grin start to finish 😛
    I love reading when people get passionate. I also loved reading “I love Cuir Ottoman” !!! When did this happen?!?!
    As for orange notes – PLEASE try Orange Star soon – or just explore the Tauer fragrances in general if you haven’t already.
    And as for Eau Suave, you need to start exploring feminines more dude :’)
    I do agree though, Parfum D’Empire is a very impressive line 🙂


  6. I knew you would hone in on the Cuir Ottoman statement. I have visited several times and the more I try it the more I like it. Am still holding back on a FB though at present. I am feeling fresh and fruity these days so I might just continue with some more citrus renderings… Orange Star will be put on my sample to do list 🙂


  7. What I love about Azemour is that yes it’s fresh but it is also a little dusty (perhaps the moss and hay?) which keeps it from being too frou-frou for me.


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  10. Hello! I loved your review of this perfume. I started exploring perfume years ago but I don’t often comment. So much perfume so little time… I purchased this recently and I must say what a beauty it is Eau Suave. I didn’t sample it but the notes sounded charming. I love Andy Tauer perfumes too. I was thoroughly saddened to hear about Noontide Petals being discontinued, a favorite of mine for many years. I have tried Orange Star and enjoyed it so much. I noticed someone commented on that scent. He had explorer sets for sale and I was able to try it along with a few others. He no longer ships direct from Switzerland to the USA.


    • Thanks for stopping by Julie. It has been so long since I have experienced Eau Suave as my bottle emptied a few years back. Now you have me craving it again!


      • You are welcome! 😊
        My friend mentioned your site. I introduced her to perfume sniffing. I just love the fact that you use a bone rating. Very fun and clever…I have two dogs at this time, my husband and I are crazy about them. My brother in law has beagles.


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