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Rosae MvndiWHAT I SMELL: Rosae Mvndi has a sweet and tarty rose opening that smells like candy (Sweethearts), and it  has this cotton candy consistency, like rose spun sugar.  Even though it’s rosy sweet it’s light enough not to make it oppressive.  A woody patuchouli lurks underneath to help bring the spun sugar down to a more earthly existence.  After around 15 minutes a slight sourness comes in I believe from the vetiver which kind of gives the fragrance a salty edge.  After another 10 minutes or so, Rosae Mvndi begins to smell exactly like Bazooka Bubble Gum.  It almost has that sweet and juicy first bite into the gum feel.  After some more time, the fragrance deepens, although it has that Bazooka edge, the warmth and woodiness starts to make it diminish and instead, it beefens up the fragrance.  Wait… after almost an hour, the fragrance went into sugar overdrive, like someone spilled sugar all over it.  In the end Rosae Mvndi is a woody rose fragrance that is sweet, but not overly shiny and bright.

Rosae Mvndi Notes:  rose, patchouli, vetiver, cedar wood

BazookaWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Of course, Bazooka Bubble Gum (OK, not through the entire life, but enough of it to warrant the comparison).

THREE ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE ROSAE MVNDI:  sugary, sweetened, candy-coated

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT ROSAE MVNDI:  Scent for Thought, AustralianPerfumeJunkies

BOTTOM LINE:  I don’t love it.  I don’t hate it.  I can tell you that a little goes a long way and this is probably more suited for cooler months as the sugary sweetness would probably become extremely cloying in the heat and sun.

  • Bone Rating: 3 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent: Floral
  • Classification: Leans Feminine
  • Expense: $265 for 100ml EdP