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Pardon by Nasomatto

My oh my…this will be a short review.  Yesterday I tested Pardon by Nasomatto and things went terribly wrong.  I am trying to find the words to describe this and am having a hard time doing so.  As a parfum extrait this went on incredibly strong.  I’m not sure what I was smelling because something came to light very quickly and then became the dominant note…metallics.  I have experienced this metallic smell before, but I couldn’t define when and where.  After about an hour it hit me.  When I was in my twenties, prior to my tonsils being pulled, I had many bouts with sinus infections.  Whenever I knew that I was getting a sinus infection, I would experience this really unpleasant metallic smell.  That’s what I experience with this scent (and no, I don’t currently have a sinus infection).  What was making this reaction?  The oud?  The tonka bean?  Whatever the case, I washed it off,  and then washed it off again.  Before going out last night I put on my favorite Pour le Soir, knowing that it be strong enough to mask this mistake.  It didn’t.  And the effect it had on me made me slightly nauseous.  Incredibly bizarre.  Please note that I only put a dab on my hand, and yet this morning I can still detect this on my skin.  Funny thing is, my husband says he likes it, but he too detects the bite in the scent.  He’ll be happy to know that I’m giving him the rest of the sample.  I’m usually forgiving of a scent and am typically willing to give it another try.  This is one of those times that I won’t be doing so.

Pardon Notes:

magnolia, oud, tonka bean, unsweetened chocolate, cinnamon, sandlewood

  • Bone Rating: 1 out of 5 possible bones
  • Classification: Unisex, but leans masculine
  • Expense: $165 for 30ml, Parfum Extrait