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The Scented Hound Goes to Mexico…again!

Merida Mexico

The Scented Hound has finally returned from another trip to Mexico.  In our quest to solidify retirement havens, we have found that Merida, Mexico keeps calling us back.  This was our fourth visit and the one that solidified our resolve to turn our dreams into reality.  No, we’re not moving yet; we have a good year and a half before we make the plunge.  But we did decide this is the place for us.  To help us make up our minds, we rented a house for 2 weeks without a car so that we could see more realistically what living in the city would be like.  The visit included walks to the market, and the scouting of the various neighborhoods, as well as some house hunting to get an idea of what is available.  It was a great trip which included making some wonderful new friends.  Although it’s nice to be back home, we are looking forward to this coming new adventure in our lives.  I’ll be getting back into the perfume realm quickly, but in the meantime, here are some pics that help capture a little of the spirit of Merida.