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The Hound Goes to Mexico

Artwork of the Chicxulub asteroid impact

I guess if you’re going to pick a place to vacation, why not make it the epicenter of the largest global disaster in history.  The Hound is vacationing in Chicxulub Mexico, home of the Chicxulub Crater, where 66 million years ago, the largest asteroid ever to hit the earth, plunked down creating a crater over 180 km wide, which set off the global extinction of many of the earths creatures, including the dinosaurs.

Chicxulub266 million years later, the activity in the town of Chicxulub is far less eventful as it’s a small quiet and peaceful fishing village.  But that’s just fine with us as we rented a house for a couple of weeks where our goal is just to unwind and relax.  So far, so good as our first couple days have consisted of going for walks on the beach, reading by the pool and enjoying a few cervazas (beers).

Our temporary Mexican home, Casa Laura.

Our temporary Mexican home, Casa Laura.

I should point out that there was another disaster, albeit pale in comparison,  in Chicxulub upon our arrival.   When I opened my suitcase for the first time, I found that my small bottle of vintage Miss Dior had been half drained as the top came unscrewed during the trip.  My husband asked why I would bring a perfume like that on vacation.  Silly man I thought; never question what a perfumista carries with them on their travels.  Needless to say, my suitcase does smell fantastic.

The internet service here is as slow as the lifestyle, so my presence for the next couple of weeks will be spotty at best.  Besides, I really need to concentrate on important thoughts like when I’m going to have my next cervaza!

Hasta pronto – The Scented Hound