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The Random 10: Brooklyn Fragrance Lover Carlos Powell

Carlos Powell

Since The Scented Hound’s inception in 2012, there have been many great bloggers and vloggers that have emerged on the scene only to sparkle for a brief while before disappearing.  However, there has been one perfumed personality that continues to shine within the niche arena; Carlos Powell.   Carlos, a one man dynamo has created numerous venues for those interested in niche perfume through his Brooklyn Fragrance Lover YouTube videos as well as with his Brooklyn Fragrance Lover blog.  And if that wasn’t enough, he is the originator of the very popular Peace, Love and Perfume Facebook group, a group dedicated to the love of all things perfume.  If you know Carlos from any of these high profile perfume forums, you may also know that he is one of the original Goodsmellas, a group of male perfume aficionados based in the New York area that helped to break the glass ceiling when it came to perfume only being for the ladies.  In other words, they taught us that real men DO wear perfume.   As any blogger or vlogger can tell you, keeping up with regular posts and videos can be a daunting task.  Carlos continues to support all of these ventures while making it look as easy and seamless as possible.  In fact, in 2014 he even worked with a group of indie perfumers to create perfumes that were inspired by the name of his Facebook site, Peace, Love and Perfume called the PLP Project.  Bringing people together can be difficult.  Bringing people together who are passionate about perfume, all with varying preferences and tastes and with harmony is a monumental task.  But through these various endeavors, Carlos makes it happen with a little bit of Brooklyn magic and a smile.

Before we get into Carlos’ Random 10, he wanted to say a few words:

I’m truly honored to be chosen by The Scented Hound to be highlighted in this new series. Since I debuted Brooklyn Fragrance Lover in 2014, it has really taken off in a positive way. Sharing my passion for perfume with the world really brings joy to my heart. I do my best to provide content that is fresh and relevant, and presented in way that is fun and down to earth. I can’t help it, I’m truly a big kid at heart.

So let’s see what Carlos has to reveal in his Random 10…

  1. My favorite gift received was… an uber expensive niche perfume from the perfumer who created it. It sits on my shelf unopened and it’s original shrink wrap.
  2. I am most grateful for… my God given talent of near perfect pitch. Music has been a part of my life throughout the good times as well as the bad times. Keeps me sane.
  3. What drives me most crazy is… rude people in the NYC subway, especially those that clip their nails and loud cell phone yappers.
  4. The one thing I wish I would have been taught early in life is… don’t expect anything from anyone and you won’t be disappointed.
  5. My perfume tastes vary with… typically seasons, but sometimes my mood. There are times I will wear something that I know they’ll smell all the way in Hong Kong, and other times I prefer to wear something ethereal that only those in my close proximity can appreciate.
  6. If I could go back and live at any time in history I would choose… The Roaring 20’s. Seemed like a carefree and party period.
  7. I always cry when… I’ve had too much Scotch and I listen to the recent recording that some JHS friends and I did of songs from the musical Godspell. We actually performed it in 1978 when we were 14 years old, and did a reunion recording this year.
  8. The phrase I always overuse is… “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one”
  9. The one thing that most people don’t know about me is… that I can count to 10 in Russian.
  10. My favorite way to relax is… cooking, especially long cooked dishes like Italian meat sauce, soups, and my specialty Dominican roast pork shoulder (Pernil).

Thanks to Carlos for providing a little bit of Brooklyn in the Random 10.  For more information on the Random 10, click here.

Please check out Carlos’ videos and blogs below.  And if you’re interested in joining the Peace Love Perfume group on Facebook, as it’s a member’s only group, please send Carlos a request via Facebook to be added.