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Goodnight Sweet Prince


In 2015, after losing the matriarch in our family, Jessie; I went online to look at the kitties that were up for adoption.  I found this beautiful boy named Sushi and Mark and I both agreed he had a special face.  I contacted the agency and they said that the adoption process included a home visit and then afterwards they would decide if you and your home were acceptable for placement.  They brought Sushi to the house….took one look at us, the house, our other kitties and in two minutes they said he was ours and they walked out of the door.  He walked out of the carrier…..or I should say “lumbered” out of the carrier and declared that it was his house.  Our first order of business was to get rid of the name Sushi (it was so wrong) and we decided on Duncan.  Don’t ask me why, but it just fit.

All boy and more like a dog than a cat, Duncan was very smart.  He came when you called him (most of the time) and he was always at the door to greet you when you came home.  Being a big boy, breakfast was his favorite time of the day.  Many a morning I was yelled at, telling me it’s time to eat.  And how could you refuse??!  He loved to talk, loved to wrassle and loved to go outside on the back patio to watch the world go by.  When it came to birds and other creatures he had no instinct whatsoever on what being a cat meant, which was incredibly charming.  When outside on the patio the birds would flit around him…he was more frightened by them then they were of him.  And as prince of the household, while our two girls, Francie and Lily weren’t the best of friends, they both loved Duncan and treated him like their little brother who could do no wrong.

Duncan was also an integral part of this blog.  When writing many of my posts when we were still in the States, Duncan would make himself at home on my desk and keyboard and would get between me and what I was doing making it hard for me to write.  Perfume samples would get strewn and packages were perfect for lying on.  I didn’t mind.  He was happy.

When we moved to Mexico, for the first few months he lived in the bathroom of our rental house.  It was cool and apparently safe and we were worried if he would ever adapt.  Of course, we needn’t have worried.  Just last month we had a Christmas party with around 40 people in attendance and Mr. Charming sat by the front door and greeted everyone.  It’s hard to believe that just one month later, he’s gone.

A major love bug as he aged, Duncan was one of kind…of course all animals are…but he really was special and will be greatly missed and I look forward to seeing him again some day.  Goodnight my sweet prince and most beautiful of boys, you made our lives more special than you will ever know.

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24 thoughts on “Goodnight Sweet Prince

  1. I’m so sorry for your lost. Duncan sounds like a delightful cat.


  2. Oh I am so sorry! What a great story, I was so happy for all of you.


  3. So very sorry for your loss and the empty spot in your heart. It is never easy to say good bye but I truly believe it is just a good bye for now. Although the actual physical body may change, the life force/life energy continues. Hoping you feel the continued connectedness to your very special kitty. Grace


  4. Sometimes we humans are blessed by the presence of nonhuman soulmates and sometimes we’re blessed to have more than one appear precisely when needed. May you take comfort knowing that after the pain of loss has dulled, what remains in the heart is a sweet everlasting presence that death cannot erase❤️


  5. Oh how I understand this kind of hurt. He was such a beautiful, lovely kitty–gorgeous eyes! How blessed you both were to have each other. I’m so sorry he has passed but am thankful he found a kitty-loving home that appreciated him. May we all meet our fur-family members again.


  6. So sorry to hear, my dearest Hound. Am sending big hugs from NYC.


  7. You were loved!
    You certainly meant a lot to Duncan and touched his little heart.

    So many beautiful words already written, like:

    “How blessed you both were to have each other”
    “What remains in the heart is a sweet everlasting presence that death cannot erase”
    “May we all meet our fur-family members again”

    AMEN !

    Wishing you all the best.



  8. So sorry to read about the loss of your dear Duncan. Hope you’re doing well.


  9. That’s such a terrible news. I hope you are strong and that only happy memories of a loving family with a cat will remain.
    He will look at you from above and I’m sure he’ll be purring with content seeing you live your life as well as you could 🙂


  10. That is a lovely tribute to a beautiful cat. These times are tougher than anything but I am glad you found each other and it sounds like he had a good and fulfilling life.


  11. Dear Steve,
    I’m incredibly sorry for your loss 😦 It’s such a pain to lose fury family members. When we get them we know they would be gone one day but this understanding doesn’t make it any easier, and we keep hoping that “not yet”…
    I’m glad that you found Duncan and he found you. May he leave long in your loving memory.
    Sending you love and warm thoughts.


  12. Brought tears to my eyes as I read it all. I think I’m just gonna call you cat mama. What a nice finish to a great life.


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