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Le Parfum Couture by Denis Durand for M. Micallef


leparfumcoutureWHAT I SMELL:  The newly released Le Parfum Couture has a bright opening of cinnamon and tangerine where the mix is slightly medicinal.  Quickly the middle notes (rose, orange blossom and honey) circle around in a warm thick haze of oudish gourmand goodness.  At this point, Le Parfum Couture is incredibly lovely and I have to say it is my favorite part of the olfactory journey.  The fragrance then comes out of it thicket of juice and becomes lighter, with almost a tinge of incense with an ever so slight metallic edge (in this case that’s not bad).  The patchouli then starts to reveal itself and what was once exotic now somehow becomes familiar.  I think it’s the sweet amber that reminds of me another fragrance, but I can’t put my finger on what.  In the drydown, Le Parfum Couture is a nicely sweet woody amber fragrance.

Le Parfum Couture Notes:

Head Notes – Ceylong cinnamon, Italy tangerine

Heart Notes – Bulgaria rose, orange blossoms, honey and animalis

Base Notes – sandalwood, patchouly, amber and white musk

honeybeeWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME: A bee drenched in the juice of a honeyed flower.


WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT THE LE PARFUM COUTURE: That Smell, Kafkaesque, Chemist in a Bottle

BOTTOM LINE:  Le Parfum Couture is very appealing, even though it might be a bit sweet for my taste.  It is one of those fragrances that I see as being very versatile in the fact that it is wearable for day or night and in warm or cold weather.  Overall, a nice effort from Denis Durand and Martine Micallef.

  • Bone Rating: 4 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent: Oriental
  • Classification: Unisex 
  • Expense: $190 for 50ml EdP

Disclosure:  Sample for review provided courtesy of M. Micallef Parfums.

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

10 thoughts on “Le Parfum Couture by Denis Durand for M. Micallef

  1. Ah, ah, ah! Lovely review and I’m happy you liked the perfume


  2. Dearest Hound
    The Dandy has often wondered whether he is the only person to actually like the odd medicinal accord…. do I read correctly that the adjective her is not necessarily meant to be critical?
    The perfume sounds delightful in its first two acts, but a little predictable in the conclusion.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


  3. It doesn’t sound like you got a whole lot of the Animalis note that masquerades or smells exactly like medicinal oud. On me, the “oud” was the driving force behind the scent, from start to finish. It pretty much overpowered a lot of the other notes for large stretches of time. And I never got any of that glorious mandarine that you and Lucas detected. No patchouli or orange blossom either, alas. I actually feel a little bit cheated on that end. :\


  4. Ok, this is just one more in the line of good reviews for this perfume. Now I really must get myself a sample. 🙂 Sounds great to me.


  5. I am in a sweet mode at the moment and this sounds very appealing! Always love reading your take on a perfume.


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