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Happy Easter



Spring has finally sprung in Washington DC.  What has seemed like a pretty cold and miserable season so far, broke yesterday with some good sunshine and warm temperatures.  I finally was able to once again wear shorts and I managed to get some planting done in the garden.

I know that I have been pretty quiet as of late but this past week saw the completion of a major project at work so I should now have some more time to start sharing my perfumed thoughts again (is that good or bad thing??!).  Best wishes to you and yours on this wonderful Sunday.



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8 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. It’s a GOOD THING!! Welcome back.
    Portia xx


  2. Happy Easter Steve!
    Planting? Planting? I’m still waiting for all the snow to melt. I do have a few spots in the yard I can start cleaning up finally but the majority of the yard is still white.


  3. Have a great Easter and I’m looking forward to see what perfumes are you going to recomment (or anti-recommend) soon!


  4. It is a good thing! And I’m jealous – we still cannot do much gardening here – more snow this week! Have a lovely day, S!


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