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Observations from the Dominican Republic


The view from our balcony!

Back to life, back to reality!  We had a wonderful 9 days in the Dominican Republic.  We spent our time in the beach town of Las Terrenas on the Samana Peninsula.  It’s a beautiful place that is a bit off the beaten path; not the typical US “all-inclusive” destination that tends to be sanitized.  As such, Las Terranas is a working town were you experience the locals living the island life.  In fact, we didn’t run into any American’s on our trip except for one restaurant owner who grew up in Brooklyn, but went back to the island to live with his relatives.   Coming back makes you realize how sterile of an environment we live in…I could live there in a heartbeat.

Our new friend Bonita

Once we got settled in, we forgot what day of the week it was.  Mornings started off with a wonderful breakfast at the hotel (where we made friends with 2 cats which we decided to name Bonita and Plantaina), then a walk on the beach, then lazy time on the beach or by the pool and then afternoon exploration.  Then finally, a wonderful meal in town (we didn’t have a bad meal anywhere we went).  And we did eat and eat and eat.  Where else could you get a full lobster for lunch for $10!??  Living was real hard as you can see.

Here are just a few of my observations from our trip:

  1. We need to learn Spanish.  We always seem to go on vacation to a Spanish-speaking country.  Our resolution for this coming year is to learn the language!
  2. I want to be exotic.  The Dominican people are beautiful and have wonderful dispositions.  Being from the midwest doesn’t lend itself to being exotic.
  3. Chelsea Handler is the funniest damn writer.  I read 2 of her books on the beach.  They’re easy reads, but it’s been a long time since I have laughed out loud while reading a book.
  4. I must have a kind face.  If there was somebody selling something on the beach, they would come to me and not my husband.  And one afternoon we were having a drink at a bar on the beach and a very attractive prostitute asked me if I wanted company.  Of course, I told her no!
  5. I love being a princess.  We went to the hotel’s spa and treated ourselves to a Turkish bath and body scrub, facial and massage.   I’m ready for doing that again a week later!
  6. Fragrances are very different in a tropical environment.  I have to admit since it was so hot (but not horribly humid), I got lazy with my fragrance application.  I brought a lot of samples, but really only tested one, Reflection by Amouage.  It was OK, but to be honest did not really leave me with an impression.  Other fragrance observations include:
  • My signature scent at the beach was Azemour les Orangers; the lovely orange citrus worked very well in the heat.  I wore it almost every day.
  • Two of my other Parfum d’Empire favorites did not fare as well.  Eau Suave became horribly heavy and cloying and Iskander just fell flat.
  • Amouage’s Dia was worn once and all I got was leather, which I didn’t when I tested it previously.  The leather was not right for the beach.
  • My hubby put on MFK’s Lumiere Noire once night and it smelled incredible.  I liked it when I tested it, but on him it was magnificent.  This might be on his Christmas list!
  • I wanted to find a great buy at the Duty Free shops, but all of the offerings were the standard department store fare.  Boring.

Getting back into the swing of things since the trip has been challenging at best, but I am slowly getting back in the groove.  Today however, I took off work so I could go to the doctor to get all of my shots for African Safari trip scheduled for February! Yea! (that yea is for the trip, not for the 5 shots I received!)

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19 thoughts on “Observations from the Dominican Republic

  1. OMG! Are you guys ever home. You can bet there’s precious little Spanish spoken on African Safaris. He He.
    Glad you are back safe and sound,
    Portia xx


    • LOL..I am home way tooo much. I need to travel more as far as I’m concerned! As for Spanish in Africa, agreed I don’t think I’ll need it, but trust me by February I’ll probably only be able to count to 10 or name the months! Thanks for stopping by P!


  2. Hello! Welcome home my friend! Sounds like you had a great time on your vacation. I’m glad to see that.
    I’m happy that Azemour les Orangers stood up against the weather conditions and even though other two Parfum d’Empire didn’t behave so well I still love ’em all!


  3. Welcome Home! I so enjoyed reading about your vacation. I could imagine what you were doing and take myself away from work for a moment. I always love your blogs! xo C


    • Thanks Cassandra. I hope all is well. I wish I could say that we were climbing mountains and going paragliding, but we were just pretty much getting fatter!!! LOL We did have a great time though. Good to hear from you.


  4. Great place and glad to see you back. I missed your posts.


  5. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time. Sounds like the eating was good and cheap, a perfect combo. That pool looks wonderful.


  6. Just like you, I enjoy staying in non-touristy, off-the-beaten-path kinds of places. Hate those “all-inclusive” set-ups. So glad you had such a fabulous and relaxing time!!


  7. Wow looks beautiful Steve, glad you had a good holiday and lovely to see you back here 😀


  8. Ok, ok, I’ll join everybody with that Schadenfreude “Welcome back” 😉

    Your vacation sounds so great! I want my tropical vacation!!!

    The only “all-inclusive” I’ve ever done was Club Med in Mexico and I didn’t like it, but what I see on your picture looks like a carbon copy of dozens of regular resorts I stayed at or visited during my Hawaii vacations and if what I see isn’t “sanitized” I probably do not understand what you mean. But it’s OK, as long as you enjoyed it.


    • LOL. My hubby said that the hotel looks very much like Hawaii. I’ve never been so I can’t say. Once you get off the beach, the town is a working town. 5 people riding on a motorcycle; kids playing in the gutter next to a lean to; cows and horses wandering around; once we got away from the town we found men bathing in the river. The town is not geared towards what American’s think of resort life. Rich and poor live side by side. Hmmm, I should have taken pictures of the town itself. That beach shot is not a good representation of the overall location. I hope that helps??!


  9. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time and I am super jealous that you are visiting Africa!


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