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Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens


All perfumistas have gone through the process of making a purchase smell unseen.  For the most part when I have done this I come away with a great product.  A couple of months ago, I blindly purchased Ambre Sultan based on reviews that I read and I am thrilled to say that I love this fragrance.  And as an added bonus, I always receive compliments whenever I have this on.  This is not a fragrance for the timid and shy.  Strong and almost medicinal when first applied, it warms to a nice dry, spicy and woody enveloping scent.  This is amber without the sweetness.  Amber Sultan is perfect for a winter’s day…I can only imagine how it will wear in the heat of the summer!  You can definitely understand the “sultan” in Ambre Sultan thanks to the exotic incense spiciness of this most perfect fragrance. Where’s my magic carpet?

Ambre Sultan Notes:

coriander, amber, oregano, bay leaf, myrtle, angelica root, sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin, vanilla

  • Bone Rating:   5 out of 5 possible bones
  • Classification:  Unisex
  • Expense:   $100 for 50ml

Author: The Scented Hound

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11 thoughts on “Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens

  1. I love this one just because it is not sweet but still bold.


    • It really does have an “I’m here” factor. Sometimes when I wear this, I’m afraid that I am leaving a massive cloud behind me…but if that’s the case, how lucky are those people behind me 😉


  2. I really want to like this one, It’s just not an amber that draws me in.
    I don’t enjoy the opening spices and herbs. I think the hype around it is a killjoy too, but that’s me being unnecessarily snobby when I love many other hyped fragrances :’)
    I’ll test it again after your review, but there are so many ambers out there (and you have a wonderful knowledge of them) that I feel there are much better out there.
    I have plain Jane L’Artisans Ambre Extreme as my only ambre…soliflore?… I don’t know the right word, in my collection. I have yet to find an amber with an opening that I enjoy as much as the creamy dreamy base of pure, sole, sweet skin amber.


  3. Funny, I love ambers and haven’t really found one that I would completely turn away. I have had a sniff of the Ambre Extreme and would like to test it more. I just recently bought a full bottle of the Ambra Nera. I hate to admit this, but loving it while I tested it, I just had to buy it. Then spraying it on (unlike dabbing during testing) I found it overwhelmingly sweet. I am hoping that it was just the day and the body chemistry at the moment, because I have 100ml sitting on my shelf now. I have faith that all will be alright!


  4. Ambre Sultan was my first Serge Lutens full bottle purchase. Really enjoy wearing it!

    As an amber lover, have you tried Tom Ford’s Amber Absolute?


    • I have a sample ready to try; just haven’t gotten there yet. I’ve heard great things though.


      • I like it a lot. Just be careful with the application: it’s very powerful and also can overwhelm.

        I need to find and buy a decant of it: I don’t think I’d be able to go through a bottle of it in my lifetime but it’s too beautiful not to have it in my collection at all.


  5. A kind fragrant fairy (named U :D!!) recently sent me a sample vial and I love it!!! My eldest daughter walked into the kitchen while I was wearing it and said “what smells so good?” I promptly pressed my tiny wrist up to her nose and she exclaimed “yeah..that’s it…smells like Fall”. When the weather begins to turn cold here in the Northeast I am surely going to seek this one out!


    • This really is a Fall scent all the way. The other day I put some on because it was a pretty cool Spring day. It just didn’t work. It felt wrong because even though it was cool…it just doesn’t say “Spring.”


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