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Sniffing Out the New Year

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Happy 2012!  As this new year is upon us, the creation of this blog is my new year’s resolution  or some semblance of one.  My obsessive compulsive behavior has been driving me to this point.  I just finally took the leap.

Hmmmmm… how to explain.  Ever since I was a young man, I found myself attractive to cologne.  I loved smelling my mother’s perfume and I knew at a very young age that my dad’s Brut was something that shouldn’t be worn by him or any other living creature.  Of course as I got older, I always had my collection of favorite colognes.  Now that I can afford nicer and better colognes, I have found that I have become obsessed with adding more and more to my collection. It is a fun habit.

All smells have the ability evoke emotions, feelings and memories.  I think that’s what I love most about colognes and parfums.  I do not have a trained nose, but will be reporting from a layman’s view as to what I like and what I don’t like and how they make me feel.   Let’s start sniffing!

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