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Solid State Cologne by Solid State

unnamed-32-1170x807Why should women have all the fun with being able to refresh their fragrance throughout the day with a perfume lift?  Of course most men don’t carry purses or bags, so this new line of solid perfumes from Solid State is just the answer to what us gentlemen need for all day perfumed freshness.  Solid State, a new venture from Australia, kicked off their line with three different offerings just for men.  Each is unique, but all are compact in size and perfect for carrying around in your pocket.


WHAT I SMELL:  Voyager is radiant.  The combination of the rose and the leather provides this sweetened tinge to a dried and smokey and incensed boot leather.  It’s masculinity with a measure of mystery due to the rose.  And the projection is incredible; as it warms on your skin, the perfume really illuminates.  A little gloss of Voyager goes a long way so use sparingly.  Voyager rates 3.5 bones.

Voyager notes:  leather, rose, white musk

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  A sexy cowboy.


WHAT I SMELL:  Journeyman is quiet.  The perfume is light, soft and subdued and is very much a skin scent.  This perfume would be perfect for hot summer days when you want to feel fresh and breezy.  There’s an ease and warmed salty crispness that makes Journeyman an easy wear.  Journeyman rates 3 bones.

Coastal GrassJourneyman notes:  warm, cedar, vetiver

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  A warm summer day on a breezy ocean coast.


WHAT I SMELL:  Wayfarer is spicy.  The perfume feels as if there’s a top layer of chili peppers on top of a base of tobacco.  There’s a bit of sharpness which seems to stem from an unrefined vanilla.  Journeyman, like Voyager projects rather large and as it wears and melds with the warmth of your skin, the spiced vanilla really comes front and center.  Wayfarer rates 3 bones.

Wayfarer notes:  spicy tobacco, vanilla, cacao

TailgateWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  An ivy league college football day tailgate.

BOTTOM LINE:  Solid State Colognes are a no brainer.  They smell great, are affordable, easy to carry in your pocket and easy to use. I can’t wait for my next trip…now the question is, which one to take?!

You can purchase Solid State Colognes via the Solid State website for $24 each or $62 for all 3.